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4000/4 LCD Art. 1763

Gardena 4000/4 LCD Art. 1763

GARDENA Electronic Pressure Pumps have been designed for private use around the house and garden. Pressure Tank Units are predominantly used for operating watering implements and systems in private gardens. When using the pump for pressure intensification, the maximum permissible internal pressure of 6 bar (on the delivery side) must not be exceeded. The in creased delivery pressure and the pump
pressure have to be added together.

Example: pressure at the tap = 1.5 bar, maximum pressure of the Pressure Tank Unit 4000/4 LCD = 4.4 bar, total pressure = 5.9 bar.

Liquids that can be pumped: The GARDENA Electronic Pressure Pump can be used for pumping rainwater, tap water and chlorinated swimming  pool water.

Download user manual in PDF format: 4000-4-LCD

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