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6000/3S Art. 1469

GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pump 6000/3 S

GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pumps have been designed for private use around your house and garden. Submersible
Pressure Pumps are predominantly used for taking clean freshwater from wells, shafts and other water reservoirs or for operating irrigation accessories and systems.

The pumps are fully submersible (waterproof sealed) and can be submerged (max. submersion depth, see point 7). The pumps are equipped with built-in back-flow preventer which avoids automatic draining of the suction hose after stopping the pump.

Pump only clean water with the GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pumps.
Please note: Salt water, muddy water, corrosive, easily combustible or
explosive substances (e.g. gasoline, petroleum, nitro
thinner), fats, oils and food must not be pumped.
Water temperature should not exceed 35 °C.

Download user manual in PDF format: 6000-3S

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