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AEG washing machine L98699FL – user manual

AEG L98699FL


Download user manual AEG  L98699FL in PDF format: L98699FL-EN


ProTex Plus: the gentlest way to wash

The ProTex Plus washing machine is so gentle it can safely wash even the most delicate fabrics, so your clothes look new for longer. Woolmark Gold certified.

Use the precise amount of detergent needed for perfect results

Because this washing machine can detect the weight of your load, it can advise on how much detergent you need to achieve the best results without waste.

Ready-to-wear in the most efficient amount of time

With these special steam programmes, you can refresh and smooth lightly soiled clothes, for a ready-to-wear outfit in the most efficient time-scale.

Full and logical one-touch control over your washing machine

The LogiControl LCD display provides a logical way to control your laundry completely. Using the touch controls, you can efficiently navigate to all options.

Exceptional: 20% more energy-efficient than A+++

With highly sophisticated technology this washing machine is even 20% more energy-efficient compared to the limit of the highest energy efficiency class A+++ as defined in the new EU directives.

So quiet you can barely hear it

With pioneering noise-engineering technology, including an inverter motor, the Silent System PLUS washing machine operates exceptionally quietly.



Load Capacity kg (Wash) 9
Height (mm) 850
Width (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 605
Net Weight 82.3
Maximum spin speed (rpm) 1600
Energy class A *
Wash Energy Rating A
Spin efficiency A
Water consumption | 63
Colour White

10 thoughts on “AEG washing machine L98699FL – user manual”

  1. Hi there just want to know why the dispenser that holds the fabric softener is not empty when the load is finished. My machine was purchased in June of this year.

  2. Very disappointed with my machine which I purchased to replace a Miele machine. Anything dark comes out with white streaks from undisolved powder and lots of fluff. Any ideas?

  3. Purchased the washing maschine in 2014 and happy so far but wondering about one thing: Why does the finish time extends itself during the wash, despite the load being within the max limit of the program. I.e. set up 60°, max time safe, load 6kg, washing took more than three hours??? We noticed that on several occasions for different programs and settings. It increases the energy consumption so much. Thanks

  4. Would like to replace the circuit board
    How to contact supplier for part
    Can you find one….
    ?Aeg protex plus model L98699FL serial no: 24600058, made in Italy..
    Prod: 914531334/01

    Thanks in advance

  5. Hello
      In the upper compartment of a laundry that is specially designed for the introduction of detergent, a piece of plastic (bald) is thrown and, unfortunately, gone into the device
    Please guide to take it out

  6. I cannot open the door on my front loader AEG ‘Protex Plus’ washing machine. Can I please get some suggestions to fix?

  7. My Machine has stopped emptying the fabric softener compartment. I have taken the drawer out several times and cleaned it and the compartment the drawer fits in … STILL the softener watered down even, does not empty.

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