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Bosch WAQ24461GB user manual – automatic washing machine

Exxcel 8 VarioPerfect  WAQ24461GB Automatic washing machine Bosch

Bosch WAQ24461GB


Download Bosch WAQ24461GB user manual in PDF format: WAQ24461GB

ActiveWater™PLUS: enjoy perfect laundry and minimal water consumption regardless of load size.

combining quality with an elegant design to achieve an exceptional laundry care system, our ActiveWater Exxcel washing machine is our energy and water champion model. Awarded the highest energy rating available A+++ and with Bosch’s ActiveWater technology you will not use a drop of water too much. With an extra large 8kg drum and 1200 spin, this machine is full of smart features. Making this the perfect machine for the growing family who are both energy and money conscious.


General Properties
Product group Washing machine
Brand Bosch
Product name / Commercial code WAQ24461GB
Internal article number WAQ24461GB
EAN code 4,242,002,711,850
Built-in / Free-standing Free-standing
Installation typology Built-under
Removable top Yes
Loading type Front
Door hinge Left
Color / Material panel White
Color / Material body White
Connection Rating (W) 2300 W
Current (A) 13 A
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Approval certificates CE
Length electrical supply cord (m) 160.0 cm
Plug type GB plug
Height of the product (mm) 848 mm
Dimensions of the product (mm) 848 x 598 x 550 mm
Wheels No
Net weight (kg) 66.000 kg
Gross weight (kg) 67.000 kg
Washing performance class A
Spin drying performance class B
Noise level washing (dB(A) re 1 pW) 54 dB (A)
Noise level spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW) 76 dB (A)
Spin speed options Variable
Skip spin Yes
Wash optimization , Drain, Easy iron, EcoPerfect, gentle spin, higher water level, lingery, quick wash/mixture, rapid 15 min, rinsing/spinning, SpeedPerfect, Spin speed reduction, sports, Start / Reload, Temperature selection, Time delay
Foam control Yes
Balance control Yes
Water protection system Multiple water protection
Cold wash option Yes
Drying progress indicator LED, LED-display
Digital countdown indicator Yes
Start delay options Continuous
Pre-wash available
Quick wash Yes
Water plus Yes
Door opening Handle
Tub material Plastic
Drum volume (l) 58 l
Drum material Stainless steel
Hot & cold water intake No
Programme end indication Acoustic, LED-display
Loading sensor No
Porthole Yes
Electronic After-sales Service Yes
Height for building under 820.00 mm
Height-adjustable by 1.00 cm
Cottons programme Pre-Wash, Standard cold – 90°C
Easy-care programme Easy-care plus, prewash, Standard cold – 60°C
Turbidity sensor No
Depth with door open (90°) 101.80 cm
Detergent dispensing From front, self cleaning
Appl depth incl wall distance 55 cm
Temperature selection Temperature selector
Hand wash Yes
Hot & cold water intake No
Energy information -20%
EAN Barcode ‘!2E20AC-hbbifa!

92 thoughts on “Bosch WAQ24461GB user manual – automatic washing machine”

  1. Our machine stopped after a few minutes of the 40C cycle and displayed “Yes”. After a few minutes it then showed “No”. The start button was flashing and the machine started again when it was pressed. It’s still going at the moment. Should we be concerned? We had a “4h” symbol showing last week (not sure what that was for this model) and the heating element was replaced in August this year.

  2. My wash goes thru ok un-till it comes to the spin then I only get 3 minutes of spin . if I put in on a 13 minutes spin it will spin please can you help me .love my Bosch exxcel 8.

  3. Brilliant advice. Who needs an engineer when most problems can be solved yourself with the amazing advice of fellow users! Fixed my problem. Thank you!

  4. bosch wvh28360gb wash+dry exxcel starts in every program but stops 2 seconds later. Motor not turning drum Thought it may be the motor so have replaced the brushes but no. Does it have a reset or any other help appreciated

  5. I accidentally leant on the start button mid cycle and now it displays a message saying ‘no’ and beeps when I try to start the wash again. Won’t go on and won’t open door. Tried turning off at mains and on ago.
    Any ideas?

  6. Hi I’ve read a few questions on this site but no answers, which suggests this cant’ be fixed but i need to replace the hinge on the door of my Bosch Exxcell 8 washer but the inner panel of the door appears to have plastic rivets rather than stainless steel screws. Can the door be taken apart and if so how? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  7. Is their an internal fuse as my machine won’t turn on now and the plug fuse is fine and sockets good as well. Could do with a wire diagram if anyone has it?

    1. Hi, on the filter tray is a small beak on top of the try filter, which you push down and open the door

  8. Hi
    I don’t have water fill coming into the conditioner section of the wash trays on different standard cycles. Any ideas?

  9. Hi all the timer my Bosch Exxcel Varioperfect keeps resetting – its gets down to around 13 minutes and goes back up to 43 minutes- very frustrating. Any ideas?? All advice appreciated

  10. On my Bosch Exxcel 8 the detergent goes into the wash but the conditioner does not – it remains in the tray. I have cleaned everything I can see. How can I correct this problem?

  11. My excel 8 believes it’s now not designed to wash clothes as the clothes come put dirty but smelling fresh from the full cycle they’ve just been through. It’s about 4 years old. Any help most appreciated?

  12. Hi my machine has been unused for about 18 months, just started to use it again and on spin there is a loud knocking noise. Can you advise me what to do – it is on a level surface and the machine isn’t moving.

  13. continued… I have tried to open the pipe at the bottom right hand side to no luck. Just tried an empty rinse spin but no luck E18 & washing machine left full of water. No water is coming out the tube as it would normally do. Please advice.

    1. Hi Paula, Error code E18 means: Drainage hose blocked or kinked or pump blocked.
      the manufacturer advises: Clean filters in the water supply hose. Attention: The leaking water may be very hot (risk of scalding). Set programme selector to . Pull out the mains plug. Check whether the drainage hose has been installed without kinks. Loosen hose clip on the siphon, carefully remove drainage hose (residual water). Clean drainage hose and siphon spigot. Hold drainage hose in a bucket and select the programme. Connect drainage hose to the siphon and check for leaks.

  14. Hi my machine is having trouble spinning & draining with E18 on the board. This has happened a couple of times with light & heavy loads. This time I can not open the door. Please inform me what I need to do step by step as I have no manual to guide me.

    1. Our Bosch Exxcel 8 washing machine is making the same noise as the bearing on the drum is failing. It appears the bearing is a sealed for life one, and one would have to replace the drum for approximately €300.00 making one buy a new machine. Our one is only about 3 years old. Not buying another Bosch this time.

  15. My washing machine has stopped after part of cycle and displays ‘yes’.
    I can’t work out why this is. We have also had intermittent error code E18. Wondering if there is a technical fault.

  16. My bosch classixx keeps on washing my load in hot water, what do i do? I only have one water pipe, the machine makes the water hot by itself.

  17. Hi
    our washing machine shows overloaded light on screen, but the machine is far from being overloaded,
    had this machine for about 5 years
    machine is starting to make a different sound, but its suttle

  18. hi
    My machine is leaking water onto the floor, Ive cshecked the back and all hoses are correct so I now see the water is coming from underneath the machine, any ideas?

  19. lately my washing machine is dragging a 1:44 minute cycle to about 4 hours and the foam sensor is lit after the cycle ends – indicating too much foam. however there is no excessive foam throughout the wash. it feels like the foam sensor is not functioning well. how to i “reset” the sensor / clean it or otherwise “make” the machine stick to the original cycle without extra washing sessions?

  20. My bosch Exxcel 8 washing machine “time remaining” is taking longer than stated. Eg I put a quick 15 minute wash on 35 mins ago and have just come back and it’s still got another 13 mins!

    1. Hello, error E29 indicates a water fill problem. Therefore, it is time to wash longer.
      Check water supply, clean strainers

  21. I have a Bosch Washer Dryer WVH28360GB. Today I noticed that the washing symbol was on during the entirety of the wash cycle, even while the machine was spinning, etc. I also believe that I heard a beep when the washing cycle started and I do not think it beeped before.
    The machine finished the entire cycle fine but when the machine was finished, the washing symbol was still on – not flashing, just on.
    Is there a problem with the machine?

  22. My 2yr old machine has overloaded for some reason and started to trigger my electric circuit breaker to trip. Immediate issue – my wife wants my children’s clothes back !!! The machine was a few minutes into a wash with child lock set . And now it trips the circuit 5 secs after power is restarted, and before I can undo the child lock. I cannot open the door , until child lock is released !!!! Unfortunately, a power-cut does not wipe its ‘memory’ and release the child lock …. Any suggestions ?

    inbefore releasing the child lock and therefore allowing me to get to the clothes !!!

  23. How much weight will the machine support? Using suitable brackets I would like to have two machines, one standing on top of the other, is the lower one able to support this weight?

    1. There is no problem to put two washing machines at each other, Bosch manufactures piece for locking the second machine. This is primarily intended for washer and dryer. The problem could occur when large vibrations during spinning top of a washing machine.

    1. Hi,
      in my washingmachine I solved this problem by cleaning the strainer in the water inlet hose.
      The second strainer is directly part of the machine.

  24. Hi there,
    I’m getting an a message saying “E:29” on the machine.
    What does this mean?
    It stops and beeps briefly and then continues to cycle.

  25. Even after rinsing out and checking all the drain pipes and filters, my machine won’t spin. The flashing washing symbol doesn’t stop. The book says too much detergent but I’m hardly putting any in. Any ideas what I can do?

  26. Hello, my washing machine machine cycles won’t end. The timer shows 1 minute remaining and stays on this permanently while spinning the wash load, unless I switch off machine. Any tips?

  27. Hi, my washing machine is not working, when I am turning it on “yes and key lock and open sign appear in the screen” help me please..

  28. Can u help please the Bosch Exxcel 8 varioperfect washing machine has the locked key flashing on the display panel. Disconnected then reconnected no joy. How can I release the lock to reprogramme my washing. Thank u so much for help.

  29. The door on my machine no longer fits properly, so it leaks. It looks as if the hinge is slightly out of adjustment but I don’t see how to fix it.

  30. trying to do maintenance on the exxcel 8 washing machine. removed water from drainage hose ok & started to unscrew pump cover. undoes for one turn & then flange on cover seems to stop against a raised part on bodywork so cover does not come off. How do I get cover off to clean the interior?

    1. Fault E43 means a motor circuit error.
      You can try reset the control board.
      Switch the knob clockwise to off . After it turn the knob clockwise to 6 O’Clock position and wait until the light starts flashing. Press and hold the spin button and while holding it turn the knob clockwise to 9 O’Clock position. Now release the spin button and switch the knob off.

  31. Hi, problems with my exxcel 8 vario perfect. 2.5 years old. Wash symbol flashing on during rinse and spin cycle. Lengthening of cycle. Machine making louder noise than usual when it sounds like it’s trying to drain water. Did have e18 with flashing wash symbol at end of one cycle but emptied waste trap at bottom of machine which had accumulated hair clips/money and a strip of foam. No other warning symbols displayed. No excessive foaming during wash. Any ideas?

  32. My Exxcel 8 would not spin whenever I wash the type of clothing which becomes heavy when it is wet (even though only 1 piece of clothing in it). The drum keeps turning at low speed until the time suddenly jump to zero. I feel that it just cannot start off the spin properly. I have tried different cycles to see if it will solve the problem but it stays the same. It can’t be right that a 8 kg washing does not have the ability to spin just 1 skirt. Any idea what’s wrong?

    1. To deactivate the signal select a program press two of the option buttons and hold until a short signal is emitted. There you have it.

  33. In my washing machine, start /stop button not working and no light displaying. All other functions are displaying.

  34. My machine is 7months old. Sometimes when doing a rinse or spin, the wash button flashes. It doesn’t spin properly either. Any ideas ? I get E17 every so often which disappears when I press the start button. Thank you

  35. I have this machine and love it however I have noticed that when I delay the start of my wash 4hours comes up automatically I can’t seem to delay it by 1, 2 or 3 hours. The strangest thing is that it doesn’t wait 4 hours it starts in 1???? Very confused is this right? Thanks

    1. It is not right, I recommend washing machine disconnected from electricity for half an hour. If that fails, it will have to replace the control module

  36. I have broken the door hinge but have been unable to strip the door to replace it. The door appears to be held together by plastic rivets rather than screws. How are the plastic fasteners removed ?

    1. Hi I have the same problem with the plastic rivets did you manage to remove them, if so could you kindly let me know.
      Many thanks Marc.

    1. Water level too low
      The machine has not filled with enough water and this can be caused by the water valve. Try to clean aquastop.

      1. I have this machine less than 1 year but for the last couple days always stop and beeping and give E18 any body can help please

        1. Hello, E18 indicates a time out draining.

          Check drain pump filter
          Check drain pump for blockage or restriction
          Check drain hose for blockage or constipation
          Check drain pump operation
          Check drain pump wiring

    1. Hi – how do you turn off the Child Lock – looks like I have the same problem – key is displayed & beeps with every button I press !!

        1. Thank you :) I kept pressing against the power button and it would beep, continuing washing but when it finished and I wanted to reload with the key symbol kept flashing. I was about to download the manual and saw the very question I needed answering and you gave it….yay. Thanks so much.

  37. I have a machine less than 2 years old. Today a key symbol appeared on the display and a noise when I tried to start the machine. The door was properly closed but the machine would not start. I’ve tried it after turning off the main power and then reconnecting but it still has the symbol, noise and no start. Can you advise?

    1. it is a safety lock to ensure you don’t press the buttons by accident! Gently press the start button for about 15 seconds and it will go off. Do the same again to use it.

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