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Coffee machine Siemens EQ900

espresso machine Siemens EQ900

TQ903GB9 –  Fully automatic coffee machine EQ900

espresso machine Siemens EQ900
espresso machine Siemens EQ900

Download user manual in PDF format: EQ900-EN


autoMilk Clean: automatically cleans the milk system.

The preparation of really good, aromatic coffee specialities is a delight – cleaning the milk system isn’t. Which is why Siemens developed autoMilk Clean. This fully automatic steam cleaning system activates after every drink, ensuring perfect hygiene and relieving you of having to clean the milk system every day. Milk residue simply doesn’t get a chance to develop – allowing you to just sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Coffee for true connoisseurs, thanks to the fine aroma settings: baristaMode.

There are five essential parameters of baristaMode that contribute to the quality of coffee and espresso: coffee strength, amount, temperature, coffee-to-milk ratio and brewing speed. By switching to baristaMode, you can make precise and fully customised adjustments to please any coffee preference. Celebrate the fine art of coffee preparation with baristaMode.


Beverage variety amount: 33
Selection of beverages: Cappuccino, Coffee, Espresso, Hot milk, Latte Macchiato
Programs in Home Connect App: Café cortado, Cortado, Doppio, Large black coffee, Kaapi, Red eye
Individual adjustable parameter: aromaIntense, aromaSelect, EspressoBoost, size, grinding degree, milk ratio, strength, temperature
AromaDoubleShot-function present: Yes
Brita Intentza waterfilter compatible: optional
Grinding degree setting: 1-6 settings

Descaling tablets 


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