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AEG DISHWASHER Favorit 88060 VI Built-in

Download user manual in PDF format: F88060-VI-EN

Sensorlogic ProClean™ fully integrated Dishwasher with Timebeam.

Cook like the pros – and clean like them, too

Cook like the pros – and clean like them, tooTo cook like the pros, it helps to invest in professional tools and equipment. But getting them clean again can be tricky. The innovative design of the ProClean baskets and the XXL tub enable you to find the perfect spot for all your specialised tools. In combination with the ProClean system, this ensures that all your utensils are power-cleaned to professional standards.You have all the professional tools – so look after them like a pro, too. This ProClean dishwasher with XXL tub is designed to power-clean all your tools for professional results.

The dishwasher for the world’s most quiet kitchen

The dishwasher for the world’s most quiet kitchenWhether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or a festival mood, you can be certain that this dishwasher will never interrupt. Its ExtraSilent Program is only 39dB. Because this dishwasher is so silent, its Time Beam technology ensures you always know exactly how much longer each cycle will take – it projects a countdown to the end of the cycle on to the floor.Whatever you’re doing, this dishwasher will never interrupt – its ExtraSilent Program makes sure of it. You can select either 41dB, or super-silent 39dB. Time Beam and Kitchen Fit ensure perfect control and integration in your kitchen.

Perfect protection for delicate glasses

Perfect protection for delicate glassesIn order to protect your most precious glass, crystal and china, this dishwasher features a special glass program. It uses extra-gentle settings to safeguard your most delicate dishes while also ensuring everything is left sparkling.The special glass programme delivers perfect washing results while protecting your most precious glass, crystal and china.

Get each of your specialist cooking tools perfectly clean

Get each of your specialist cooking tools perfectly cleanYour specialist cooking tools give you an extra edge in the kitchen. And this dishwasher enables you to keep them in the best possible condition. It has an internal light to give you a clear view of the inside of the dishwasher, so you can efficiently find the best spot for getting each tool perfectly clean.The internal light gives you a direct view of the dishwasher’s interior. You can efficiently find the best spots for cleaning each of your specialist cooking tools.


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  1. I have bought a machine without directions for use. Please inform what to do in order to get one. The model is F88060V11P, type 9110216382, PNC 911437008/01/P

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