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Garden Pump 3000/4 Jet

The  GARDENA Garden Pump is designed for domestic use around the house and garden.

When using the pump for pressure intensification, the max. permissible internal pressure of 6 bar (on the delivery side) must not be exceeded. The increased delivery pressure and the pump pressure have to be added together.

Example: Pressure at the tap = 1.5 bar, maximum pressure of the Garden Pump 3000/3 Jet = 3.2 bar, total pressure = 4.7 bar.


Liquids that can be pumped: The GARDENA Garden Pump can be used for pumping rainwater, tap water and chlorinated swimming pool water.

Please note: The GARDENA Garden Pump is not suitable for continuous operation (e.g. industrial applications, continuous circulating operation). Corrosive, easily combustible, aggressive or explosive liquids (such as gasoline, petroleum or nitro thinner), saltwater and food must not be pumped. The temperature of the liquid must not exceed 35 °C.

Download user manual in PDF format: 3000-4-Jet


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