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GT-S7562 Samsung Galaxy S DUOS user manual

User manual Samsung Galaxy S DUOS GT-S7562

Download Samsung Galaxy S DUOS
user manual
in PDF format: Galaxy_S_DUOS-EN


Product Information

spec view product information data
Product Name Samsung Galaxy S DUOS
Model GT S7562UWADBT
EAN 880 6085 2505 50
Recommended retail price including VAT € 349

Hours & Platform

spec view uptime and data platform
Platform SIM1 Quad band + W-CDMA
SIM2 platform Quad band + W-CDMA
Accumulator Li-Ion 1500 mAh
Talk time (2G) Up to 13 hrs
Talk time (3G) Up to 8.3 hrs
Stand-by (2G) Up to 440 hrs
Standby (3G) Up to 330 hrs

More products information

For more information, view product spec data
Color Pure-white

Dimensions and weight

spec view dimensions and weight data
Housing Dimensions (H x W x D) 122 x 63 x 10.5 mm
Weight Approx. 120 g


spec view display data
Number of colors 16 million
Technology TFT
Touchscreen Yes
Screen Size 10.16 cm / 4 “
Resolution 480 x 800 pixels

Operating system

spec view operating system data
Android ™ 4.0 Platform Yes
TouchWiz user interface Yes


spec view messaging data
E-mail function Yes
Instant messaging services Yes
Ch @ tON messenger Yes
Social Networking Services Yes
Exchange ActiveSync ® Yes

Data transfer

spec view data transfer data
Bluetooth ® 3.0 with stereo audio streaming (A2DP) Yes
USB tethering Yes
WLAN WLAN 802.11b/g/n
Wireless Tethering Yes
Wi-Fi direct Yes
HSDPA With up to 7.2 Mbit / s

Music, Sound & Video

spec view music, sound and video data
MP3 player Yes
Video player Yes
FM radio Yes (this feature requires headphones, which are not included) with RDS
Game Hub Yes
3.5 mm jack Yes
YouTube ™ Yes

Other Functions

spec view more data functions
Dual SIM function Yes
Google Play ™ Yes
Samsung Apps Store Yes
GPS function Yes
Google ™ Mobile Services Yes
Gallery Yes
Multi-touch zoom Yes
Processor 1 GHz processor
Offline mode Yes


S Planner, memo, voice memo, calculator, world clock, Stoppuh, timer, alarm clock / alarm clock

spec view organizer data


spec view memory data
Internal memory Approx. 1.78 GB
microSD ™ slot Yes, compatible up to 32 GB

Integrated Digital Camera

spec view digital camera data
Resolution 5 megapixel resolution (2560 x 1920 pixels)
Autofocus Yes
Digital zoom 4 fold
Front Camera VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels)
Photo light Yes
Cartoon Mode Yes
Smile Shot function Yes
Self-timer Yes
additional camera functions Panorama function, macro, photo effects
Geo-tagging Yes


spec view supplied data
Mobile Yes
Accumulator Yes
Charging Adapter Yes
Data Cables Yes
Quick Guide Yes

General information

spec view General information data
Accessories The included accessories may vary by network provider.
Hardware and software Please note that due to availability from the network operator or service provider to distinguish the hardware and software branding can.
Internet usage function Can set up the phone with a Google ™ account, through the use of the Internet and / or web-based programs (such as applications (apps), S Voice, Samsung Apps, Google ™ services, e-mail, social networks, instant messaging) arise due to costs incurred datasets. Please note that the connection can be done automatically. Please inform yourself beforehand with your network provider / contractor on your tariff corresponding data charges.
Trademark Google Maps, Google Maps Navigation, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Search, Google Voice Search, Google Android and Play are trademarks of Google, Inc.

133 thoughts on “GT-S7562 Samsung Galaxy S DUOS user manual”


  2. Hello! how to remove the account on google settings (the green one)? I wanna change it coz i forgot the password thats why i couldn’t sign in. If happens, i can’t update my other apps (messenger, etc.).. Error would appear always that says, “you need to sign in google account first”. thank you.

    1. Hi Janiene, you need sign to google account for connection to Google play (shop of applications).
      When you made your account, you was probabbly fill second email address or you phone number for lost password sending. If you really want remove your google account in phone settings -> accounts a make completely new.

  3. Am having a problem with my phone (samsung galaxy s dous GT-S7562) The problem is when the screen automaticly goes off i don’t get any incomming calls or text it mean am ofline i need help how to go about it kindly

  4. I am not able to make outgoing calls. a message of ” Outgoing calls are restricted by FDN” How to fix the problem.

  5. samsung galaxy s duos…gt s7562 mobile is not able to make an outgoing call and if i wish to do so it display ‘service not allowed’. incoming call is ok. i have checked call barring status and it shows disable. Please help me out. Thank you.

  6. In my gt s-7562 phone there is no move to sd cart option! Why?
    And no natwork is sohowing. Infact it comes for a little time add godown for a long time. Need argent HELP..

  7. I am using GT-S7562 Samsung Galaxy S DUOS 2, when i using my data, i face some problem, my data charge is to high,i check my data use,were i saw that Removed apps is highest data usages. please help me. how can i solved my current problem.

    1. Hey, you can download from Google Play My Data Manager. With My Data Manager you will know which application takes how much data.

  8. Hi There

    My Samsung duos gives me a message ‘call barring’ when I try to phone internationally. How can I solve this?

    Thanks and kind regards


  9. Hi,
    I borrowed Samsung S Duos phone pretty recently..Its working fine..but it only can send MMS but cant says “tap to download” but never happens…
    need solutions immediatly..thanks!

  10. Please i need urgent samsung galaxy duos gt-s7562,its rear(behind camera) stopped working.only the front one functions.when i open the camera on the screen it does not bring the option for turning/changing to rear camera.i did factory reset but it dint well i did a hard reset and it also did not work.what could be the problem with my device and how can it be solved.please kindly help me.thanks.

  11. i have prob with when i dail the number to make call,key pad is automaticaly locking.then double tap lock will i can remove this lock ?

  12. hi there!
    I got my phone “Samsung duos – Galaxy V” a month ago.
    Im having problem with my messages. It often see my messages on my sim card but I want to save it to my device or on phone memory. since it is duos, I just have one sim inserted on it.

    a week ago, I received messages without checking “simcard messages” it was directly stored on my device. but yesterday the problem of my messages occur again. I have to look at my im card before I can see messages again.

    I change my settings of how many messages every conversation into 200 messages but the problem did not solved.

    may I request from you to send me please how to make my device or phone memory as my default storage for messages so I dont have to go on my simcard to see messages. it helps me a lot. it also can save my time from looking where my messages save. thanks a lot.

  13. hlw… i also use the same phone my phone 3g network is connected bt why i cannot open google account? if m trying to open google account they says i cannot open google account its may be temporary prblm of the phn!

  14. My have a problem samsung s duos 2. I do not use internet. When I want to brows internet then show no network connection. how to fix this problem? Please help me anyone .

  15. I have problem with my phone S duo 2 I can t transfer files and pics from my phone,what should I do. Kies don work I download USB driver for Samsung and he still don t work and he all ways show me message like Device driver software is was not succesfuly installed

    1. Setting view all calls: This will show you the total length of time for all incoming and outgoing calls.

      Tap the Menu key then select Reset, it will reset all these times

  16. iam using samsung galaxy s-duosas from the morning my phones automatically turns into silent even it was in ringer.any one plz help me soon.
    tahnks in advance…………….

      1. Seriously I didnt c anykind of Blocking Mode options that u mentioned in Samsung Galaxy S DUOS GT-S7562.. i have same problem that when some calls me,it goes into silent…

  17. when any body calls me from unknown number which is not saved in my phone or sim card then my phone automatically goes on silent while somebody calls me from saved contacts in my device then it rings the ringtone, please help

  18. Hi i am using mobile data, when i turned on the data, it will cause the delay of my phone. Log connection hang. Huhu can you help me on this.

    1. I found on the internet simple instructions:

      1) Find somewhere on your home screen with no shortcuts.

      2) Press and hold a finger down until a pop up screen appears.
      3) From the list that appears choose “Lock screen”.
      4) If you want a custom image from you gallery choose the “gallery” option in the next pop up, or choose “Wallpapers” to use on of the pictures Samsung has supplied for this use.

      5) Choose the picture you want to use.
      6) Now if you want to you can crop the picture as you please and press the “done” button in the upper right corner when you have finished.

      7) The Lock screen has now been changed, go ahead check it out!
      – See more at:

  19. very bad mobile.
    no option for move to sd card, no software works for voice recording, network catching and searching power is too weak.
    and many more bad qualities, in this cell

  20. am also hving prblm wif my galaxy s duos….any tym i connect to a bluetooth device (headset) de sound don’t come properly….any help

  21. Hi i am having samsung s dous mobile. Today morning it fell in water suddenly i took it away from water and opened all the parts separately and kept in sun after 1 hour i fixed it.Touch screen is not working now solution please?

  22. Sziasztok!

    A kérdésem az lenne,s 7562-es dous készülékem van és bluetooth-os kapcsolattal szoktam használni kocsiban a rádióval összehangolva.Eddig mindig,minden rendben volt,de egyszer egy beszélgetés közben a telefonomról a kihangosítást lekapcsoltam a rádióról,és azóta nem tudom visszakapcsolni sehogy sem.Már végig néztem az összes telefonbeállítást,rádió beállítást és csak úgy működik azóta a kihangosítás,hogy a rádió lehalkul,de a kihangosítás nem történik meg,hiába csinálok bármit.Csak a telefonon tudok kommunikálni.Mi lehet az oka ennek,mit tegyek hogy újra működjön minden? Már a rádiót is reseteltem és újra hangoltam az eszközöket és semmi. Előre is köszönöm a segítséget.

  23. After turning off wifi i am not able to connect internet via mobile data.It works only if i restart the mobile in samsung s duos.Can any one suggest what would be the reason please
    Thanks in Advance

  24. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 phone, I am unable to configure alarm in switch off mode. Alarm is ok in switch on mode. pl help.

  25. Hello
    I am using mobile phone Sumsung galaxy S Duos S7562, I can not access internet. It gives message that “Cannot connect to internet. Please check your connection settings and try again”
    Also I can not download any application even though Mobile Data is active.

    Please help me!

  26. I can’t seem to be able to download shows/series from sites like o2tvseries. It says it is downloading but it never does! Help please

  27. Im using the s duos 7562 phone..when im opening gallery app not able to see any pics or videos ..
    even though i have pics n video in both phone and memory card.
    one more issue like im not able to sent the pic in wats app because those are not visible in gallery


  28. I have a Samsung Galaxy Duos mobile model GT-S6102. I am on a prepaid account. Photos that are sent to my phone have no picture and say downloading but nothing shows up. How can I view photos that are sent to my phone?

  29. Im using the same phone..when im opening gallery app not able to see any pics or videos ..
    even though i have pics n video in both phone and memory card.
    one more issue like im not able to sent the pic in wats app because those are not visible in gallery


  30. sir i use s duos g7562 but its 3g network is not connected but if i use my sim in other mob its 3g connected but in my mob g7562 was not connected 3g so plz give me suggeestion what can i do for this problem.

    1. change the network mode from
      setting>> more settings>> mobile networks>> network mode
      than it is set to “WCDMA”
      try it you may helpful

      1. boss i am having same problem tried and tested all the procedure required but its only connecting to 2G network…even while searching network on phone its only elcting Celone network for BSNL and if i select only WCDMA no netork service shown…

        Please Help

  31. I saved some information in MEMO of galaxy s duos & locked them with a secured password…now locked notes arent opening even after entering correct password. Plz help its urgent.

  32. I need to have Operating Manual. How do I set my own profile ( Home Screen) with my name on it Plus to have folder for sent messages & Folder to store my important sms. How do I do that?
    I am having difficulty to operate the mobile as I lost the operating manual. Actually all these year I was using Nokia..
    Pl Reply…. Thanks……

  33. dear I have Samsung Galaxy Gt-s7562 Mobil before is good working in for internet but now is some time work other time is not working if possible please explie

  34. I use opera in my galaxy s duos and most of the time i connect to internet. but when i start opera i find the following info: “Calculating data front”.
    when 100% front calculating over,i can start using browser. it happpens 6/9 times daily.
    pls advise me how can i deactive the info.

  35. How does one save photos, videos and most importantly, music on the SD card. I have checked every site and no simple answer has been given. How does one name folders on the SD card.

    Please advise ASAP! I am going nuts trying to do this.

  36. there is no google play on my Samsung s7562, how can I get it??

    how to change the search engine on the phone, because its a chiness search engine?

  37. thanks, marmen
    i search all folders in sd card, they are no. Sometime, i need to save them to another folder or pc before clear their storage, the phone has no function to save/move or can not find the path to copy. please help

  38. Hi,
    my samsung duos gts 7562, the wifi not detecting the available routers , have rest the phone also but no use, can anybody help, either it is software problem Or hardware?

  39. I have an Airtel network on sim1 and Uninor on sim2. But my data pack is activated on Uninor only. So how do i use that. The option at settings-wireless networks-packet data settings of sim 2 is automatically disabled and is bydefault in ghost mode.

    The moment the check the packet data setting of Airtel then the packet data setting of Uninor as well gets checked but the Internet gets connected with the Airtel Instead of Uninor (Which has the data pack available).

    Plz Help

  40. I am having trouble connecting to the internet. I have a user manual but there is nothing specific about connecting to internet. Can you advise?

  41. I lost the 3g connection
    it was working and it is not active now
    the wifi still working
    How can I activate the 3g
    and why it has been lost

      1. I’m using the same phone and I’m not encountering any of those troubles you guys are complaining ,well,contact me if you need any form of help ,man

        1. This may be something you can help with.
          My7562 cannot send or receive txt messages and there is no ikon on the screen in the apps pages. thanks in advance

        2. dear james i am using same mobile but, i got some problem now, it’s data conections are automatically opened please help me

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