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Jamie Oliver Food processor Philips HR7782 – user manual

1000 W, 3.4 L bowl, 8 accessories – Food processor Philips HR7782

Philips food processor HR7782

 Download Philips HR7782 manual in PDF format: HR7782-Jamie-Oliver-food-processor-EN

Saves time while preparing fresh healthy food

  • Reversible shredding disc (fine or coarse)
  • Metal double balloon beater for egg whites and cream
  • Innovative serrated knife for quick frozen desserts
  • Adjustable slicing disc for thin to thick slices (1 – 7 mm)
  • Citrus juicer for fresh orange and grapefruit juice

It’s a great kitchen shortcut

  • Helps to prepare anything from salads to ice cream

Get inspired to create more fresh meals

  • Exclusive Jamie Oliver recipes for inspiration
  • Visit for more tips

A cleverly designed range of kit

  • Powerful 1000 W motor
  • Sturdy base with innovative easy-release suction feet
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories

Technical specifications

Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Speeds: 2+ pulse
Safety: Lid and bowl detection, mechanical 1.5 sec brake
Cord length: 120 cm
Bowl capacity dry: 3.4 l
Bowl working capacity dough: 1700 g
Bowl working capacity flour: 1000 g
Bowl capacity liquid: 2 l


Stainless steel chopping knife: chopping, Beating, creaming, crumbling, cutting, folding in, mashing, mincing
Kneading tool: For (heavy) kneading, mixing dough, batter
Citrus press: For pressing of citrus fruits
Balloon beater: For whipping, whisking, mixing and emulsifying
Number of inserts/discs: 2

Country of origin

China: Yes

Design specifications

Housing: ABS
Speed knob: ABS
Function buttons: Pulse
Pusher, inner pusher: ABS, SAN
Knife holder, balloon beater: POM
Disks, chopping blade: Stainless steel
Kneading tool, citrus press: PP
Bowl including lid and blender: SAN
Colour(s): Star white & horizon blue

General specifications

Non-slip feet: Yes
Integrated cord storage: Yes

5 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver Food processor Philips HR7782 – user manual”

  1. lovely machine – great big motor so should be good for mincing stuff like meat and fish, easy to clean to. I agree the instruction manual is pathetic, and there is a lack of information about the way you can use this blender. ive been looking at the internet and even then there is not much there. I guesse its the case of having confidence to try different things! just made a batch of coleslaw and its come out beautiful but I don’t want this to become an expensive carrot grater!!!!

  2. I have been trying to find a section on your website where I can buy a replacement bowl for my processor. My handle has come away from the bowl.

  3. I must say the so called user manual for Jamies food processor is pathethic and cheap.
    Every other food processor I have purchased comes with a proper book with clear and precise instructions, not just stupid little miniature drawings of fruit and vegetables that are hardly recognizable.
    Dissapointed??? yes.

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