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Mainboard Big Bang-Fuzion-series

  • MSI

MS-7582 (v1.x) Mainboard

Download user manual in PDF format: MSI7582v1.2(G52-75821XB)(Big Bang-Fuzion)

Produkts page: MSI


• Supports Intel® i3 / i5 / i7 based processors & Pentium G6950 in LGA1156 package.
Please refer to CPU Support for compatible CPU; the above description is for reference only.


• Intel® P55 Chipset
– Hi-Speed USB (USB2.0) controller, 480Mb/sec.
– 6 SATAII ports with transfer rate up to 3Gb/s.
– PCI Master v2.3, I/O APIC.
– ACPI 2.0 compliant.
– Serial ATA RAID 0/1/5/10.
– Integrated AHCI controller.

• Lucid® LT24102 Chipset

Windows Vista (SP2) 32-bit

Windows Vista (SP2) 64-bit

Windows 7 32-bit

Windows 7 64-bit

Fuzion N-Mode





Fuzion A-Mode





Fuzion X-Mode





– This chipset supports A-mode, N-mode and X-mode, X-mode can only work with Microsoft Windows® 7
• Supported Operating Systems
– Microsoft Windows® Vista (SP2) 32-bit and 64-bit
– Microsoft Windows® 7 OS 32-bit and 64-bit• Microsoft Windows® Editions include:
– Windows Vista Home Basic
– Windows Vista Home Premium
– Windows Vista Business
– Windows Vista Enterprise Edition
– Windows Vista Ultimate
– Windows 7 Home Premium
– Windows 7 Professional
– Windows 7 Ultimate

• Supported graphic libraries
– DirectX 9
– DirectX 10
– DirectX 11

* Lucid® LT24102 chipset allows you can use the graphics cards from different vendors. To make A-mode, N-mode and X-mode work, you need to install the software drivers we provide. If your graphics cards are under ATI 4xxx, using driver 1.3.105 will get better perfomace. If you are using ATI 5xxx, you must install driver 1.4.106. Please check Driver 1.3.105 readme and Driver 1.5.106 readme for more information.

* For Multi-GPU Computing driver ver 1.3.105 we recommend you install NVIDIA graphic card to the first PCI-E X16 slot while running X mode
* For Multi-GPU Computing driver ver 1.5.106 we recommend you connect the display to the stronger graphics card while running non-identical A&N modes and X mode

* This message would update on web page if needed when new Multi-GPU Computing driver has any further suggestion.

Main Memory

• Supports four unbuffered DIMM of 1.5 Volt DDR3 1066/1333/1600*/1800*/2000*/2133*/2300* (OC) DRAM, 16GB Max
– Supports 1Gb/ 2Gb/ 4Gb DRAM size
– Supports Dual channel mode

Slots • 3 PCI Express gen2 x16 slots
– PCI_E2 / PCI_E4 / PCI_E5 slots will be x16/ x16/ x0 or x16/ x8/ x8
– supports ATI® Crossfire™ & Fuzion N-mode, A-mode & X-mode
• 2 PCI Express gen2 x1 slots
– Only PCI_E1 supports installing the QuantumWave Audio card
• 2 PCI slots, support 3.3V/ 5V PCI bus Interface


One Ultra DMA 66/100/133 IDE controller integrated in JMicron® 363.
– Supports PIO, Bus Master operation modes.
– Can connect up to two Ultra ATA drives.

SATAII controller integrated in Intel P55/JMicron® 322 / 363 chipset
– Up to 3Gb/s transfer speed.
– Supports six SATAII ports (SATA1~SATA6) by P55
– Supports four SATAII ports (SATA7~SATA10) by JMicron 322, support SATA RAID 0/1/JBOD.
– Supports two eSATA / USB combo port by JMicron 363.
– Supports AHCI controller with AHCI / SATA RAID 0/1/5/10 by P55.
– SATA7 & SATA8 support RAID 0/1 & JBOD mode by 1st JMicron® JMB322
– SATA9 & SATA10 support RAID 0/1 & JBOD mode by 2nd JMicron® JMB322

MSI Reminds You…
• The RAID setup floppy disk is optional depending on the districts. You can download the files from the website to make the setup disk.



• QuantumWave Audio card
– Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0
– THX TruStudio PC
– Creative Alchemy
– 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio Codec with jack sensing
• Chipset integrated by Realtek® ALC889
– Compliant with Azalia 1.0 Spec
– Meet Microsoft Vista Premium spec
* For better audio performance, we recommend installing THX


MSI Reminds You…
• Based on different PC case design, please remove the screw near the 1st PCI-e slot if there is any issue on the installation of the audio card.


• Supports two PCI Express LAN 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet by Realtek 8111DL.


IEEE1394 / FireWire

VIA® VT6315N chipset
– Supports up to two 1394 ports. (Rear panel x1, pinheader x1)
– Transfer rate is up to 400Mbps.

Internal I/O Connectors

– ATX 24-Pin power connector
– 8-pin ATX 12V power connector
– CPU x 1 / System x 4 FAN connectors
– CD-in connector
– Front panel audio connector
– Front panel connector
– 1 x chasis intrusion connector
– 2 x USB 2.0 connectors
– 10 x Serial ATAII connectors
– 1 x ATA133 connector
– 1 x IEEE1394 connector support additional 1 port
– 1 x GreenPower Button
– 1 x Reset Button
– 1 x Power Button
– 1 x Clear CMOS Button
– 1 x SPDIF-out connector
– 1 x TPM module connector
– 1 x OC Genie Button
– 1 x Over-Voltage switch & 1 set voltage check point
– 1 x CPU Phase LED Panel

MSI Reminds You…
• The floppy disk cable will be optional.


Back Panel I/O Ports– 1 x PS/2 Keyboard
– 1 x PS/2 Mouse
– 2 x eSATA / USB Combo ports
– 1 x IEEE1394 port
– 8 x USB 2.0 ports
– 2 x RJ45 LAN Jacks
– 1 x D-LED2 panel connector


• The mainboard BIOS provides “Plug & Play” BIOS which detects the peripheral devices and expansion cards of the board automatically.
• The mainboard provides a Desktop Management Interface(DMI) function which records your mainboard specifications.


• 30.5cm(L) x 24.4cm(W) ATX Form Factor


• 9 mounting holes.


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