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MV800 / MV800i / MV790

Canon MV800

CANON Digital Video Camcorder Instruction Manual

Canon MV800
Canon MV800

With its 20x optical zoom, DiGIC DV and ‘Easy’ mode, the MV800 combines quality with point-and-shoot simplicity. It features a 2.4” LCD, 16:9 widescreen mode and image stabilization.



Download user manual in PDF format: MV800



  • 1/6” 800k pixel CCD and DiGiC DV
  • 20x optical zoom
  • High Resolution 16:9 Mode
  • Image Stabilizer
  • Automatic Easy Mode
  • 2.4” LCD/colour viewfinder
  • DV out
Smart shooting made easy
Effortless and relevant
With the MV800 Canon’s engineers have developed a camcorder where ease of use is all-important. They have stuck to the maxim that technology is only worth having when it is both simple and useful. Functionality that simplifies the key task of shooting great video has been enhanced.Easy mode
This approach has produced a camcorder that sets a standard for uncomplicated performance. Everywhere ease of use is paramount. Menu navigation is intuitive and straightforward. Controls are positioned for instant, fingertip access to key functions. Within seconds of picking it up for the first time you can be capturing quality footage. Flick the ‘Easy’ switch and the camcorder immediately records in fully automatic mode.Wide Screen
The MV800 has a high-resolution 16:9 mode, which lets you film in cinemascope and is great if you want to play back your footage on a widescreen monitor. And it’s as easy to use as the Easy mode. Simply push the button and the camcorder is ready to capture true widescreen images, using the full width of the CCD sensor

Discrete and compact
The MV800’s compact body measures just 5cm across and fits easily in the palm of your hand. It may be small, but its 2.4” colour LCD monitor gives you plenty of screen space to keep your eye on detail as you record. What’s more, screen brightness is adjustable to aid visibility in outdoor locations.

An eye for detail
No matter what kind of lighting you have or where you may be, you can rely on capturing the essence of the scenes you shoot. The MV800 has a powerful 20x optical zoom, with exceptional contrast and clarity, and that can place you right at the heart of the action.

Advanced electronics, natural results
The MV800 uses a razor sharp 1/6” CCD so that even at the strongest magnifications you will capture images that are crisp and clear. Canon’s unique DiGIC DV processor renders these in warm, subtle tones; colours appear natural and vibrant. Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) means that hand-held footage remains steady and calm even in tricky shooting situations.


2 thoughts on “MV800 / MV800i / MV790”

  1. I cannot use my camera for recording there is a blinking colors of red and green. (and a flashing lithium battery for replacement I do not know if it is related to the blinking of colors). But, I can played my recorded cassette tapes on my camera.
    I am using Canon MV 800i. What should I do??

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