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User Manual Bosch WAE24367GB Automatic washing machine

Avantixx 7 VarioPerfect Automatic washing machine  WAE24367GB

Download Bosch WAE24367GB user manual in PDF format: WAE24367GB-EN

Product description

White. 7kg capacity. 1200 rpm. Energy A less 20% (20% better than A). EcoPerfect. SpeedPerfect. Reduced Ironing. Aqua Plus option. Mixed Load. Super Quick 15. Time Delay. Time Remaining. Reload Function. Child Lock


General Properties
Product groupWashing machine
Product name / Commercial codeWAE24367GB
Internal article numberWAE24367GB
EAN code4,242,002,650,227
Built-in / Free-standingFree-standing
Installation typologyBuilt-under
Removable topYes
Loading typeFront
Door hingeLeft
Color / Material panelWhite
Color / Material bodyWhite
Connection Rating (W)2300 W
Current (A)13 A
Voltage (V)220-240 V
Frequency (Hz)50 Hz
Approval certificatesCE, VDE
Length electrical supply cord (m)160.0 cm
Plug typeGB plug
Height of the product (mm)847 mm
Dimensions of the product (mm)847 x 600 x 590 mm
Dimensions of the packed product (HxWxD) (mm)900 x 650 x 650 mm
Net weight (kg)81.000 kg
Gross weight (kg)82.000 kg
Washing performance classA
Spin drying performance classB
Maximum spin speed (rpm)1,200 rpm
Capacity cotton (Kg)7.0 kg
Noise level washing (dB(A) re 1 pW)59 dB (A)
Noise level spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW)76 dB (A)
Spin speed optionsVariable
Skip spinYes
Wash optimizationDrain, Easy iron, EcoPerfect, higher water level, quick wash/mixture, rapid 15 min, rinsing/spinning, SpeedPerfect, Spin speed reduction, Start / Reload, Time delay
Foam controlYes
Balance controlYes
Water protection systemMultiple water protection
Cold wash optionYes
Drying progress indicatorLED-display
Digital countdown indicatorYes
Start delay optionsContinuous
Start delay time max (h)24 h
Quick washYes
Water plusYes
Door openingHandle
Tub materialPlastic
Drum volume (l)55 l
Drum materialStainless steel
Hot & cold water intakeNo
Programme end indicationAcoustic, LED-display
Loading sensorNo
Electronic After-sales ServiceYes
Height for building under820.00 mm
Height-adjustable by1.50 cm
Whites and coloureds programme30°C, 40°C, 40°C Prewash, 60°C, 90°C
Easy-care programme30°C, 40°C, 60°C
Turbidity sensorNo
Depth with door open (90°)99.00 cm
Detergent dispensingFrom front
Appl depth incl wall distance59 cm
Temperature selectionProgramme selector
Hand washYes
Hot & cold water intakeNo
Energy information-20%

80 thoughts on “User Manual Bosch WAE24367GB Automatic washing machine”

    1. You can download maual on this sites, where is description:

      You can lock the washing machine to prevent the functions you have
      set from being changed inadvertently.
      ON /OFF: Press and hold the

      1. thanks so much for this. thought it was the door not locking. You saved me getting an engineer out. Fab advice re child lock. never would have thought about that.

    2. Type of Washing machine WWD 45 Product Number 890600704
      Child lock flashing, programme not finished???? Can you help

  1. You can lock the washing machine to prevent the functions you have
    set from being changed inadvertently.
    (play/pause) Start/Reload button for approx. 5
    seconds after the start/end of the programme.
    Note: The childproof lock can remain activated until you wish to start
    the next programme, even after switching off the machine.
    Then you can deactivate the childproof lock before the start of the
    programme and activate it again as necessary once the programme
    has started.

      1. I haste tried to deactivate the child lock on my Bosch Avantixx machine by holding the clock symbol down for 5-10 seconds, but it won’t go off. Although my machine has power, it is stuck because of the child lock and I can’t get my washing done as can’t set programme or spin speed dials etc. Please help….

        1. Yes I’ve got the same problem. I know how to activate/deactivate the child lock (it’s in the instruction pamphlet) but it just won’t work. Tried all sorts of combinations of solutions and concluded that it’s faulty. I’m off to check the warranty is still within period!

  2. My Avantixx 7 washing machine ( in France) – the service pump plug is stuck ( first time to unscrew) and won’t pull out – it screws tight and screws loose – but will not come out – and we have pulled and tugged and jiggled !

    Any suggestions ?

  3. Just brought new Bosch classixx7 washing machine washing cycle over 3 hours is there a way of control washing time say 60mins

    1. You can adjust the underneath knobs to make the base even. (Just tight or release the knobs until the machine becomes can shake the unit with your hands to guarantee the stability.

  4. Am I the only person using powder detergent? Please which section of the drawer does it go in? Everything says pour, and my powder doesn’t seem to get mixed properly. Do I have to mix it with water?

  5. I can’t seem to change the spin speed from 400 to 1200. It was changed inadvertently and now says CL on screen
    Please help! Thanks

  6. I plugged the machine in without plumbing it in with the hose still positioned in factory setting inside machine! Needless to say I soaked the inside of .the screen says f21 which I understand means the motor is knackered how do I reset it and if I have blown the motor electrics can I buy parts of instead of motor board whole of? Thank you if you can help woman in distress !

  7. I bought washing machin and it done seems to spin automatically each time
    The clothes comes out socking with water so I hv to put it on spin again
    Any help

  8. can you explain the warning symbols that appear in the timer panel , and how to delete them. They appeared after I changed
    the programme temperature after starting

  9. I cannot seem to find a separate spin cycle on the Bosch Avantixx 7? I am doing hand washing and want to spin it afterwards. There is a rinse and spin but I dont need this as its already rinsed. Am I missing something really obvious or do I always have to rinse and spin rather than just spin on its own?

    Would be so very grateful if anyone kind and knowledgable could respond.



    1. Mary

      You need to select the rinse and spin setting and then press the Aqua Plus button to deactivate the rinse. The machine will then just spin on its own.

      All the best Helen

  10. The washing machine stopped and said NO. We pressed other buttons and other programs than it says YES, without any reaction. How we can get back to the normal program? Where we have to touch? Thank you in advance for the help.

  11. Please help me to understand the delayed start button. There is a different delay time for different cycle, for instance, for cotton the minimum delay is 4h. Is it the actual delay time or does it include the washing time? What about other programs that offer the time delay of only 1h? I cannot figure this out, very confusing…

  12. My wash wont start. There is a key symbol and the icon next to it (a cloud coming out a basket) is flashing. It just beeps everytime I go to start it. Help please as I’ve lost the manual?

    1. Daniel,

      I am having the same problem – the icon you describe is flashing (not the Child Lock) and the machine won’t start. What did you do to solve the problem?

      Kind regards


    1. CL mean Child lock – push button (play/pause) Start/Reload for approx. 5 seconds after the start/end of the programme.

  13. Hi, I have a bosch wae24368g washing machine and the conditioner program doesn’t work, i have cleaned the drawer out constantly and this hasn’t helped. What I have noticed is when you pull the drawer out to clean, the area where the water comes through has black gunk on it which i have tried to clean off. What would be causing this and would this have caused the conditioner program to stop working?

  14. My clothes come out soaked in water?! How to dry them? Spinning 3. Times was the only solution so far but it is not reasonable???

  15. I have a bosch Avanti XX7 vario perfect for 2 years. It wont finish cycle and just the last minute remains of the cycle and I cant get the door to open.

    1. Hi, Fault F18 meaning: Drain error detected

      Check drain pump filter
      Check drain pump for blockage or restriction
      Check outlet hose for blockage or obstruction
      Check drain pump operation
      Check drain pump wiring

    2. Hi, Fault F18 meaning: Drain error detected.
      Check drain pump filter
      Check drain pump for blockage or restriction
      Check outlet hose for blockage or obstruction
      Check drain pump operation
      Check drain pump wiring

  16. Hi Sometimes when I put in my linean to wash they come out dirty and have brown stains on them. Please can you advice as to why this happens. I always do the wash on the mixed loads 40•. Please help

  17. I started my cycle only to realize a bright pick towel was in the washer from the cycle before. I have whites in now and want to open the door to retrieve the pink towel. Is there any way to get the door open? Don’t want all my whites pink!

  18. Like Tarun’s post on 15th July, every couple of months the washing in my machine comes out dirtier than when I put it in. The machine leaves brown slimy marks all over my washing and it all has to go back in again for another wash. This happens infrequently but is really annoying and I don’t know why it does it. Does anyone else have this problem?

  19. Can you help me please.I have just got one of these manchine, which my landlord provided,but the instructions are in Spainish which I don’t understand

  20. Hi. We have an advantixx 7 washing machine. The number E23 is flashing and we don`t know what to do.
    Want to take the washing out and the door won`t open either.
    Would appreciate your advice.

  21. my washing machine keeps beeping when i try put a wash on:( wont go through a wash can anyone help me reset my machine please

  22. Hi. I have an advantixx 7 washing machine.
    When I start any cycle, the display turns off and the cycle keep restarting.
    It shows the E28 error.
    Now I have no diplay at all.
    I Would appreciate your advice.

  23. Hi I have one of these and it won’t do anything cycles, I’ve just switched it on and it just keeps beepin, the display has -0- on it and the aqua plus is lit can anyone help me please. Thank you in advance.

    1. I put in a wash and the machine has suddenly stopped. There was a icon like a cloud in a washing basket. I turned machine off for a few minutes and now all it does is keeps beeping it won’t start at all. Please help

  24. I put in a wash and the machine has suddenly stopped. There was a icon like a cloud in a washing basket. I turned machine off for a few minutes and now all it does is keeps beeping it won’t start at all. Please help

  25. Hello, my 2 year old bosch washing machine seems to be malfunctioning. It was turned off and now when I try to do the laundry the door is locked and the start/reload button keeps blinking and making a 2 beep sound. Has anyone got any I formation as to why my washing machine is currently locked?

  26. My bosch advantixx7 machine stopped mid wash and tripped my switches.

    Have washing inside but when I press the start button is beeps twice then does nothing

    Anyone any advice please

  27. Can you buy a detergent drawer for this and wherr can i get one had my machine a long time never any problem as with all my other bosch items

  28. I have a Bosch Avantixx 7. I put on a 60 degree wash and there is now water and suds on the floor. What do you think the cause is? Door is closed correctly and water not leaking from there.

    1. If the washing powder foams too much, the contents of the washing machine will spill out to the bottom of the washing machine or to the floor. If there is too much water on the ground, the washing machine tub may be cracked.

  29. Hello Marmen, the question has been asked a few times, how does one access the filter…you can unscrew the cover until lose (turning free) but then it does not come off. thanks for your help

    1. Hi Gab, I don’t have universal advice, the lid has to be unscrewed and then pulled out. If it is stuck, more force must be used.

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