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Washing machine Siemens WM14Y591GB IQ500

Siemens WM14Y591GB

Front loading automatic washing machine IQ 500

Siemens WM14Y591GB
Siemens WM14Y591GB


Download user manual Siemens washing machine IQ 500 WM14Y591GB  in PDF format: WM14Y591GB-EN


Product group: Washing machine

Brand: Siemens

Product name / Commercial code: WM14Y591GB

Internal article number: WM14Y591GB

EAN code: 4,242,003,675,540

Built-in / Free-standing: Free-standing

Loading type: Front

Door hinge: Left

Color / Material panel: White

Color / Material body: White

Connection Rating (W): 2300 W

Current (A): 10 A

Voltage (V): 220-240 V

Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz

Approval certificates: CE, VDE

Length electrical supply cord (m): 210.0 cm

Plug type: GB plug

Height of the product (mm): 850 mm

Dimensions of the product (mm): 850 x 600 x 590 mm

Net weight (kg): 78.000 kg

Gross weight (kg): 79.000 kg

Washing performance class: A

Spin drying performance class: B

Noise level washing (dB(A) re 1 pW): 49 dB (A)

Noise level spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW): 71 dB (A)

Spin speed options: Variable

Foam control: Yes

Water protection system: Aquastop

Cold wash option: Yes

Drying progress indicator: LCD-display

Digital countdown indicator: Yes

Start delay options: Continuous

Pre-wash: available

Quick wash: Yes

Tub material: Plastic

Drum volume (l): 65 l

Drum material: Stainless steel

Hot & cold water intake: No

Programme end indication: Acoustic, LCD-display

Loading sensor: Yes

Height-adjustable by: 1.20 cm

Cottons programme: 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, Cold

Easy-care programme: 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, Cold, Easy-care plus

Depth with door open (90°): 108.00 cm

Detergent dispensing: From front, self cleaning

25 thoughts on “Washing machine Siemens WM14Y591GB IQ500”

  1. The machine is having issue of not getting the door locked. Hence, it dies not start as such. Please advice urgently what measures to be taken… Iq500 Siemens

  2. I had a Dyson washing machine for 30 years with no problems. Stupidly I changed to your machine.
    There is a warning sign that looks like a tap or pipe. What the hell is it? How do I get rid of it and how the hell do I use this bloody awful machine

  3. My WM Siemens IQ500beaps so much during a cycle and the tap symbol comes up, it’s drivibg me crazy. Please tell me what I need to check to trouble shoot this b

  4. Your machine is extremely complicated and not user friendly. The timing for wash seems to be stuck at 2.54. I can’t seem to change it for a lesser time. It just keeps increasing upto 24 and then returns to 2.54. How do I set it for a lesser time ? One hour seems good for most other washing machines.

  5. why our washing machine iq500 not not rinse always say that error when it spebd cannot spend if i turn in lingerie just start aftr rnise alwayss error and then cannot opened omy godnesss

  6. I have the IQ500 and keep getting an error message E18 and it wont finish a cycle and the door locks any ideas what could be wrong?

    1. Hi Amir,
      Error code E18 means: Drainage hose blocked or kinked or pump blocked.
      the manufacturer advises: Clean filters in the water supply hose. Attention: The leaking water may be very hot (risk of scalding). Set programme selector to . Pull out the mains plug. Check whether the drainage hose has been installed without kinks. Loosen hose clip on the siphon, carefully remove drainage hose (residual water). Clean drainage hose and siphon spigot. Hold drainage hose in a bucket and select the programme. Connect drainage hose to the siphon and check for leaks.

  7. Hi,I have a problem in my washing machine siemens IQ 500. It used to have a loud sound and suddenly the drum stopped rotating. Then i fixed the belt and again it stopped and the belt fall down again.

  8. machine unplugged and plugged back , lights come up but then the door cannot be opened even after finishing a programme . there is that key light on the display. don’t know what went wrong.

    please help. thank you

  9. Hi,

    I have a Siemens iQ500 washing machine bought in May 2015. In the past two weeks it has suddenly started to have problems with rinsing. Especially when draining the water for the first time after washing cycle. It seems there is too much water when it starts the first spinning while draining the first time after washing. The drum is just “hitting” the water and the machine does not get the water out, resulting in foaming. I have not used excessive amounts of detergent – actually I once washed with only water and same happened (no foam of course in this case). Water comes out well when just filling the machine with water and then draining. But when spinning & draining there is this problem. I have opened some hoses my self and checked that there is nothing in the hoses blocking the water. Maybe it is not getting the drum in balance well enough – broken shock absorbers or broken sensing of unbalance??? Any hints before I call for the service (I still have the guarantee)?

  10. I have the IQ500 dryer.
    The “empty water “light comes on after 1 min.
    It and start button flash.
    And stops function.
    Everything has been cleaned and emptied.
    Any thoughts?

    1. I have IQ500 washing machine. The “empty water” lightxomes after 2minutes and start button flash and stop all function. Everything is emptied cleaned.
      Please help to fix

  11. I have problem with my washing machine it is going off and asking me for restarting and it is not restarting and the door is not opening for me to get my cloths out

    I highly appreciate your help

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