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15000 S/SP Inox Art. 1459

GARDENA Dirty Water Pump 15000 S/SP Inox

Download user manual in PDF format: 15000-S/SP-Inox

Dry-running operation causes increased wear and is to be avoided. Therefore, in continuous operation the pump must be immediately unplugged when water fails to flow.

Avoid running of the pump for more than 10 min. against closed delivery side of the pump.
Sand and other abrasive substances cause increased wear and reduce the pump’s output.

Take care that the pump is located where the inlet openings at the suction base are obstructed neither completely nor partly.
Stand the pump on a brick if using in a pond.

The pump is automatically switched off on overheating by the built-in thermal motor protector. After having cooled down, the motor automatically switches on again (see 6. Trouble Shooting). The automatic deaerating valve eliminates any air pockets in the pump. During this process, air escapes through the vent bore and air bubbles appear underwater. This is not a defect of your pump, but serves to deaerate the pump.

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    The program is not functioning. When you switch it on , it makes the initial noise of having started and after a few minutes, it shows an error EO5.

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