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5000/4 Art. 1485

GARDENA Pressure Tank Unit electronic plus with Dry-Running Safety 5000/4

The pump must be positioned on a sturdy, dry surface to ensure the pump is stable. V Install the pump at a safe distance (min. 2 m) from the pumping medium.

The pump must be installed in a location with low air humidity and sufficient ventilation in the area of the ventilation slots. It must be at a distance of at least 5 cm from the walls. No dirt contamination (e.g. sand or earth) may be sucked in through the ventilation slots.

Pressure tank units are equipped with an electronic control unit with
fixed programs. The electronic control unit is activated by pulses from the manometric switch and the flow recognition of the dry-running
safety feature. The manometric switch is set at the factory to a switching pressure of approx. 2.2 bar. This setting cannot be changed.

The dry-running safety mechanism protects the pump against damage and controls the time the pump continues to run against the closed delivery side.

The LEDs (light emitting diodes) display the operating status (see “Electronic Control Display”).

Download user manual in PDF format: 5000-4

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