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5000/5 LCD Art. 1767

GARDENA Electronic Pressure Pump  5000/5 LCD

The Electronic Pressure Pump is electronically controlled. The electronic control is activated by pulses from the manometric switch  and from the throughput detector of the dry-running preventer. The manometric switch is set to a switch-on pressure of approx 2.0 bar (= 20 m head) at the factory. The dry-running preventer protects the pump from damage by turning the pump off if necessary.

The pump must be installed in a location with low air humidity and sufficient ventilation in the area of the ventilation slots. It must be at a distance of at least 5 cm from the walls. No dirt contamination (e.g. sand or earth) may be sucked in through the ventilation slots.


Download user manual in PDF format: 5000-5-LCD


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