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6000/5 S Art. 1473

GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pum 6000/5 S

1. Fasten the supplied rope to the loop for fastening rope.
2. Always submerge the pump carefully in the well or other water reservoirs, using the supplied fastening rope (min. submersion depth 20 cm).
In order to avoid contaminations, the pump should not be placed directly on the ground. It must hang freely min. 30 cm above ground, secured to the fastening rope. 3

The fastening rope must be secured. When using the pump in deep wells and shafts (of more than approx. 5 m), the power cable 7 is to be guided by means of clamps alongside the fastening rope.

Float Switch Adjustment: The float switch 5 automatically switches on the pump at a water height of approx. 63 cm (model 6000/3 S) / 70 cm (model 6000/5 S) and automatically switches off at a water height of approx. 5 cm
(model 6000/3 S) / 9 cm (model 6000/5 S). By fixing the float switch cable to the float switch lock 6, the cut-in/cut-out height can be adjusted individually.

Manual Operation: In case of manual operation the Submersible Pressure Pump starts when the power cable has been connected and the float switch has been lifted.

Automatic Operation: After having connected the power cable, the pump is switched on automatically at a definite water height (cut-in height) and switches off as soon as the water level drops down to a definite water height (cut-out height).

Download user manual in PDF format: 6000-5S


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