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7800 SL Art. 1454

GARDENA Submersible Pump 7800 SL

Liquids which can be handled by the GARDENA Submersible Pump are the following: clean and slightly contaminated water (max. particle size 5 mm), swimming pool water (prerequisite is the recommended dosage of additives) and soapy water.

The pumps are fully submersible (waterproof sealed) and can be immersed in the liquid down to a depth of 9 m. The GARDENA Submersible Pumps are not designed for continuous operation (e.g. continuous circulating operation) in a pond.Your pump’s life will be shortened correspondingly by such operation.

Corrosive, easily combustible or explosive substances (e.g. gasoline, petroleum, nitro thinner), fats, oils, salt-water and waste water of toilets and urinals must not be pumped. The temperature of the liquid handled should not exceed 35 °C.

Download user manual in PDF format: 7800-SL


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