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AEG washing machine L75270FL, L75470FL, L75670FL

washing machine AEG L75270FL

User manual for AEG washing machines: L75270FL, L75470FL, L75670FL –

7 series 1200rpm washing machine with brushless motor for silent operations

washing machine AEG L75270FL
washing machine AEG L75270FL


Download user manual AEG  L75270FL, L75470FL, L75670FL  in PDF format: AEG-L75270FL-EN


Load Capacity kg (Wash) 7
Height (mm) 850
Width (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 605
Net Weight 72.3
Maximum spin speed (rpm) 1200
Energy class A *
Wash Energy Rating A
Spin efficiency B
Water consumption | 49
Colour  W


ProTex: the gentle way to wash

The ProTex washing machine is so gentle it can safely wash even the most delicate fabrics, so your clothes look new for longer. Woolmark Silver certified.

Wash your clothes in virtual silence

The inverter motor in this appliance ensures the entire machine operates almost silently. And with fewer moving parts and greater stability, it lasts much longer, too.

Highest A+++ energy efficiency rating

This washing machine uses sophisticated energy-efficient technology with highest A+++ energy efficiency rating following the new EU directives.

Maximise the efficacy of your stain remover

Ensure your stain remover really does the job properly. The stain removal system releases the remover at precisely the right moment, for maximum effectiveness.

Close control over the setting of your washing machine

Thanks to its large LCD display, this appliance gives you incredibly close control when choosing the exact settings, including the temperature and the spin speed.

Protect yourself fully against water damage and leaks

With this washing machine, you can protect yourself against water damage. Its Aqua-Control system stops the water from escaping and alerts you of the situation.

11 thoughts on “AEG washing machine L75270FL, L75470FL, L75670FL”

  1. Hi, Our washing machine has just made a grinding sound as it finished a wash. It is still free moving don’t believe it is bearings and only makes a noise at one point in the cycle. there is no debris in the seal. Is there anything else we can check before calling out someone?

    1. HI, error code E10 is problem with not taking in water, not taken in enough water or problems with the drain.

      1. Check the water supply to ensure that the water pressure is proper

      The operating water pressure at the water entry point from the outlet connection must be between 0.5 bar(0.05 MPa) and 8 bar (0.8 MPa)
      Turn off the tap and remove the inlet hose. Place a bucket or other similar container under the tap. Turn on the tap and check that enough water comes out of it.
      You should be able to fill a 10-litre bucket in about a minute.

      2. Clean the filter in the inlet hose next to the tap.

      If there is a filter in the water valve where the inlet hose screws into the washing machine, it should be also clean.

      3. Clean the filter in the inlet hose next to the tap.

      If there is a filter in the water valve where the inlet hose screws into the washing machine, it should be also clean.

  2. hi i have the aeg lavamat protex washing machine and it does a EHO error constantly. please can you help me to correct this. i am not sure what to do.
    thank you patricia

  3. My elderly dad has a aeg protection 7kg washing he doesn’t know how to use and we can’t find the manual, he only needs to use it for bedding and towels can you tell me what cycle would be best for him please

    1. My washing machine towards the end of the wash is becoming very noisy.I mean very .Any reason why?It has been rinsed with salt .

    1. This is a condition where water overflows from the machine and turn on Water stop. If that happened, for example, because of the large amount of foam, simply unscrew the back cover of the washing machine and dry bottom. Then disappears error EFO (EF0)

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