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Anti frost pump Art. 7944

GARDENA Anti-Frost Pump IP 300

Download user manual in PDF format: Anti-Frost-Pump-IP300

GARDENA Anti-Frost Pumps have been designed for private use around your house. They are not designed for operating watering tools and systems.

A GARDENA Anti-Frost Pumps have not been designed for constant use in the industrial sector. Corrosive, easily combustible, aggressive or explosive substances (e.g. petrol, petroleum, nitro thinner) as well as salt-water or food / drinking water must not be pumped.

The Anti-Frost Pump must be able to float
freely. (Minimum water depth: 40 cm)

  • The pump should be submerged as far as possible into the water (about 10 to 15 cm above the bottom of the pond).  If necessary shorten the hose to do this!
  • The pump must always be below the ice sheet.
  • The hose should be straightened out.
  • Run the power cable so that is protected against damage caused by frost and snow.

Make sure that the water depth is at least about 40 cm deep!


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