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Automatic washer dryer Siemens WD14H421GB

Siemens IQ500 WD14H421GB

IQ 500 washer dryer Siemens WD14H421GB

Siemens IQ500 WD14H421GB
Siemens IQ500 WD14H421GB


Download user manual Siemens WD14H421GB

in PDF format: WD14H421GB


  • A energy,A wash and B spin class
  • Capacity:7 kg washing : 4 kg drying
  • Maximum spin speed :1400 rpm
  • Energy consumption wash and dry 4.76 kwh Water consumption wash and dry 57 litres
  • Drum volume: 56 litres
  • Noise level: washing 48 dB (re 1pW) Noise level: spinning 74 dB (re 1pW)


  • Fully electronic control dial for all wash and special programmes
  • Special programmes: Refresh, mixed fabrics, textile guard re-proofing programme, shirts/blouses, rapid 15 minute quick wash , handwash/wool, delicates
  • Special programme – drying :Fluff removal cycle
  • Non-stop wash and dry programme 4 kg
  • Touch control buttons: temperature selection, time delay, drying time selection, spin speed selection, menu, change

Key features

  • AirCondensation Technology: no water consumption during drying
  • VarioPerfect iQdrive

Additional features

Technical Information

  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 84.5 x 60 x 59 cm
  • Slide-under installation
  • Large silver-black grey door with 180° opening and 32cm porthole opening

Technical Information


  • Dimensions of the product (mm)
    848 x 598 x 590 mm
  • Installation type
  • Capacity cotton (Kg) washing
    7.0 kg
  • Capacity (kg) drying
    4.0 kg
  • Max. spin speed (rpm)
    1,400 rpm
  • Energy efficiency
  • Total annual energy consumption (Washing and drying 200 full loads) (kWh)
    952.0 kWh
  • List of programmes
    additional programmes, Delicates programme, Easy-care programme, Whites and coloureds programme, Woollens hand wash programme
  • Digital countdown indicator
  • Start delay options
  • Noise level washing (dB)
  • Noise level spinning (dB)
  • Noise level drying (dB)
  • Door hinge
  • Water protection system
    Total system
  • Hot & cold water intake
  • Interior light
  • Removable work top
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm)
    210 cm


  • Connection rating (W)
    2,200 W
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm)
    210 cm
  • Hot & cold water intake
  • Plug type
    GB plug
  • Nominal power (kW)
    220-240 V

13 thoughts on “Automatic washer dryer Siemens WD14H421GB”

  1. I can’t start my washing machine. Anytime I press the start button for few secs it starts to beep. I have tried several times. I need help.

  2. Hi I need some help.

    When drying I want to open the door because I felt my clothes were to be dry by then. However there is an icon of a circle and lock which I assume is locked door. I know I have the child lock off because there is no key. However, I cannot get my clothes out. Thank you so much for any help!!

  3. Hi, during the drying cycle on my machine, it will periodically beep 3 or more times. Does anyone know why its doing this?

  4. I put my just washed damp towels on a auto2 drying setting…machine goes through the whole cycle. I hear fault beeps at the end on cycle, although I can hear the pump working, when I open the door the towels are soaked. More so than when I put them in. This keeps happening. Not everytime just often. Please help!

  5. The spin cycle is not working on our machine, clothes are left soaking wet – please can you advise how to fix?

    Many thanks

  6. How do I open the door, I’ve used the dryer after a wash cycle and it won’t open, there’s a blue key on show which I’ve never seen before, please help.

    1. Just happened to me too. I held the start button and the timer(little clock button) simultaneously and the key disappeared .

  7. I have washed and dried an eco cotton program but the door won’t open and a there is a blinkning key in the top right corner. Please tell me how to open the door – I need the clothes!!

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