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Chainsaw Husqvarna 435 435e 440e

Operator′s manual Husqvarna 435 435e 440e user guide


Download Husqvarna 435 435e 440e user manual in PDF format: Husqvarna-435-EN


Engine specification
Cylinder displacement 40.9 cm³ / 2.5 cu.inch
Power output 1.6 kW
Idling speed 2900 rpm
Maximum power speed 9000 rpm
Cylinder bore 41 mm / 1.61 inch
Cylinder stroke 31 mm / 1.22 inch
Ignition system Walbro MBU 33
Ignition module air gap 0.3 mm / 0.01 “
Spark plug Champion RCJ7Y, NGK BPMR7A
Electrode gap 0.5 mm / 0.02 “
Carburettor model name Zama EL41
Fuel tank volume 0.37 lit / 0.78 US pint
Oil tank volume 0.25 lit / 0.5 US pint
Oil pump type Fixed flow
Oil pump capacity 13-13 ml/min
Cutting equipment
Chain pitch .325″
Recommended bar length, min-max 33-45 cm / 13″-18″
Chain speed at max power 14.69 m/s / 48.2 fts
Bar mount Small
Emission, vibration & noise data
Equivalent vibration level (ahv , eq) front / rear handle 2.5/3.2 m/s²
Sound pressure level at operators ear 102 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 114 dB(A)
Overall dimensions
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 4.2 kg / 9.2 lbs



8 thoughts on “Chainsaw Husqvarna 435 435e 440e”

  1. If you don’t then it could end up costing you quite a lot to get new Husqvarna chain saw parts to exchange those that are
    damaged. This is ideal for jobs close to the house, but may be cumbersome for those farther away.
    Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this little guy.

  2. Husqvarna is a joke–and will not provide the combi tool and the user’s manual that was supposed to be in the box>>

  3. This 435 saw has been great over the last five years. Initially it wouldn’t idle, but once “broken in” it is fine. Starts and runs great with synthetic oil and premium gas mix, lots of power and very easy to manage in tight spots. My saw came with the tool and manual, no complaints at all.

  4. I rarely complain about anything but I am really disappointed with this product. I purchased it about 2 months ago and have found it unbelievably difficult to start to the point I’ve had to leave it for a few hours and return as it easily floods, and already the chain has come off twice despite keeping it taut. Tightening the chain is extremely difficult and as the manual is confusing I learned how to do it via YouTube.

  5. I purchased 435 in october i used it about a total of five hours not to happy considering the price took it out today it tried to start the first couple pulls then nothing thought maybe it was flooded i let it rest for hour nothing i owned 150.00 craftman that performed better, know i have to look for husqvarna service dealer any body out there have this problem or suggestions. thanks Bill

  6. The 435 is an absolute pig to start. It’s terrible. Do not buy this product. Husqvarna recommend using their Aspen fuel at £20 a gallon which is a joke. Get a Sthil they start easily every time.

  7. I like mine I got the 440 and the 460 rancher they are tempramental but pump the bubble choke till it starts then don’t use the choke again squeeze the trigger. Bam bam.

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