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Comfort Rain Water Tank 4000/2 automatic

Gardena 4000/2

Gardena Comfort Rain Water Tank 4000/2 automatic Art. 1742

Gardena 4000/2
Gardena 4000/2

Download user manual in PDF format: gardena-4000-2-en

With the GARDENA Rain Water Tank Pump 4000/2 automatic you can use free rainwater from the tank for irrigating your garden. Either conveniently fill the watering can, or connect GARDENA nozzles, sprayers or Micro-Drip-Systems even more conveniently to the connecting pipe. Even the use of a sprinkler is possible. The pump is also suitable for draining. Practical: for convenient and energy-saving operation, the Rain Water Tank Pump is equipped with an automatic function that is automatically activated for water retrieval and then switches off afterward. To protect the pump against damage, an integrated filter and an additional foot prevent the suction of too-large impurities. Thanks to an integrated safety, dry-running is also not possible: when the water level is too low, the pump operation is automatically stopped. Only high-quality materials are used for the pump that guarantee powerful yet low-noise operation. A maintenance-free capacitor motor efficiently and quietly pumps the water through a 2-stage feed impeller. The pump is easy and convenient to handle. The telescopic pipe is infinitely adjustable in height and also the flowing water quantity can be easily and infinitely regulated. To save space and for easy transportation, the telescopic pipe can be easily attached to the pump and simultaneously serves as a carrying handle. The cable is wound around the holder on the pump – and everything is tidy.

Technical Data

Art. No. 1740 (4000/2) 1742 (4000/2 automatic)
Rated power 500 W 500 W
Max. delivery capacity 4.000 l/h 4.000 l/h
Max. pressure /
Max. delivery head 2,0 bar / 20m 2,0 bar / 20m
Max. submersion depth 7m 7m
Cut-in height / Cut-out height 57cm / 25cm –
Switch-on pressure – approx. 1,3 bar
Minimum water depth
for operation approx. 4,5cm approx. 4,5cm
Power cable 10m H05 RNF 10m H05 RNF
Weight without cable approx. 4,8 kg approx. 5,0 kg
Max. media temperature 35 °C 35 °C
Mains voltage /
mains frequency 220 – 240 V AC / 50 Hz 220 – 240 V AC / 50 Hz


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