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Condenser dryer Bosch WTE84106GB Classixx 7 – user manual

Bosch WTE84106GB

WTE84106GB Bosch Classixx 7 – tumble dryer instruction manual

Bosch WTE84106GB
Bosch WTE84106GB

Download user manual Bosch WTE84106GB in PDF format: WTE84106GB-EN


Product features

  • Performance
  • Energy efficiency class: B
  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Energy consumption 504.0 kWh per year, based on 160 drying cycles of the standard cotton programme at full and partial load, and the consumption of the low-power modes. Actual energy consumption per cycle will depend on how the appliance is used
  • Energy consumption of the standard cotton programme at full load 4.2 kwh and energy consumption of the standard cotton programme at half load 2.3 kwh
  • The programme Cotton cupboard dry used at full and partial load is the standard drying programme to which the information in the label and the fiche relates, this programme is suitable for drying normal wet cotton laundry and is the most efficient programme in terms of energy consumption for cotton.
  • Programme time of the standard cotton programme at full load 124 min and programme time of the standard cotton programme at partial load 76 min.
  • Weighted programme time of the standard cotton programme at full and partial load: 97 min.
  • Condensation efficiency class B on a scale from G (least efficient) to A (most efficient).
  • standard cotton programme at full load 89 % and average condensation efficiency of the standard cotton programme at partial load 89 %.
  • Weighted condensation efficiency for the standard cotton programme at full and partial load: 89 %.
  • Power consumption in off-mode 0.1 W and in left-on mode 1 W
  • Duration of left-on mode: 30 min
  • Noise level: 66 dB (A) re 1 pW
  • Programmes/functions
  • Fully electronic control dial for sensor programmes and timed programmes
  • Special programmes: Sportswear, Timed Programme 20 minutes warm, Super Quick 40
  • Touch control buttons: Start/Stop, Low heat
  • Key features
  • Sensitive drying: large galvanised drum and revolution drying system
  • AntiVibration design: for greater stability and quietness
  • Additional features
  • LED programme progress indicator and warning for fluff filter and condensed water container
  • Anti crease cycle 120 minutes at the end of the programme
  • Metal door catch
  • Technical Information
  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 84.2 x 59.8 x 63.9 cm
  • Can be built-under
  • Large white Round solid door


Technical specs

General Properties
Product group Tumble Dryer
Built-in / Free-standing Free-standing
Installation typology Built-under
Removable top Yes
Loading type Front
Door hinge right
Heater type Electric
Connection Rating (W) 2,600 W
Current (A) 13 A
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Approval certificates CE, VDE
Length electrical supply cord (m) 145.0 cm
Plug type GB plug
Height of removable worktop (mm) 819 mm
Height of the product (mm) 842 mm
Net weight (kg) 45 kg
Gross weight (kg) 46 kg
Dryer type Condensing
Moisture monitoring system Autom thr electr damp detect
Drying time selector No
Adjustable drying temperature Yes
Reverse tumble action No
Interior light No
Vent hose No
Vent hose length (cm) 0.00 cm
Drying progress indicator LED
Digital countdown indicator No
Start delay options No delay
Blocked filter indicator Yes
Exhaust water pipe No
Quick dry No
Anti-crease 120 min
Drum volume (l) 112 l
Drum material Galvalume
Wall-mounted assembly No
Door panel options No
Fluff filter Yes
Programme options for drying 20min warm, Sportswear, Super 40
Drain set for condensate No
Poss f perm con of condens out Yes
Drying control Autom thr electr damp detect
Electronic After-sales Service Yes
Brand Bosch
Product name / Commercial code WTE84106GB
EAN code 4,242,002,764,603
Max. pumping height 100 cm
EAN Barcode ‘!2E20AC-hgegad!
Tumble Dryers
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Dimensions of the product (mm) 842 x 598 x 639
Dimensions of the packed product (HxWxD) (mm) 870 x 630 x 680 mm
Noise level (dB(A) re 1 pW) 66 dB
Full tank indicator Yes



53 thoughts on “Condenser dryer Bosch WTE84106GB Classixx 7 – user manual”

  1. I started, biased towards Bosch/Siemens. Our English Electric tumble-dry has just expired after 50 years of continuous family drying.
    I assumed a similar quality of construction across the range but extra gadgetery with increasing price.
    Our basic need is for a left hand door hinge and no restriction against venting. ‘Heat Pump’ or ‘Condenser machines would need to depend on the REAL financial benefits.- i.e. discounted benefits, not some unspecified ‘life time saving total.
    I cannot even find a schedule of machines with left hand doors!
    Does anyone know how to find out?- or why my usual e-mail addresses are rejected?

  2. Why does the darn thing keep going off after 10 mins And I have to set it again! It’s in a different part of my house snd it’s driving me mad, this can’t be right???

  3. Hi, I see a few here have had the door handle come off. I have the same problem, how did you get the door open to get your clothes out? Was a replacement worth it or did you give up on it and but a new machine?

  4. barry in desperation

    Help please, can anyone explain how I can open the lower left flap without causing any damage. Do I need to press what I presume is a latch up or down please?

  5. I have had a Bosch classics 7 dryer, only using it when I can’t get my washing dry in the open air. I actually wish I’d bought a different make. I empty the drawer & clean the filter & surrounding area after EVERY individual use. I also clean the bottom filter EVERY couple of months. However, the items are never dry, even on the hot extra dry cycle. I only put half my washing load in at a time too. As for my bedding, it’s always tied up in knots…..yes, I do the buttons up & I shake it out before putting into the dryer! As a result, the bedding is all crumpled up.
    Why is it called a Dryer when it doesn’t dry. How do I stop the knitting up of beddin?

  6. Just came across this site and thought I’d lend a helping hand. We’ve not had any issues with our Classixx 7 dryer (touch wood!). The following is what works best for us over the past 5 or so years…

    Low heat and sportswear on everything apart from bed linen/duvet/pillow covers. Make sure they are not too wet and have been spun a reasonable amount prior to drier.

    For bed linen/duvet/pillow covers make sure they are not too wet and have been spun a reasonable amount prior to putting in the dryer… why? Because low heat and sportswear doesn’t dry them very well at all. We use extra dry only… not low heat and have not seen anything shrink.

    If you put anything in that is too wet which i know sounds silly but if you do… you’ll take a couple of goes to dry it. The machine will then be running hot and it messes up the process.

    ALWAYS empty the large container after each use

    ALWAYS clear the dust filter after each use

    We’ve probably cleared the bottom left metal filter thing about 3 times max since we’ve had it….I think once or twice a year is good practice!

    We use one tumble dryer sheet for each load

    Hope this helps someone!

  7. Can anyone advise? I have just replaced the drum belt & cooling fan. I have put it all together but when I turn it on it beeps 3 times & the Drying light & the Anti-Crease light flash!

    Thanks in advance

  8. I’ve had this condenser dryer about 2 years and its rubbish. I go to get the nice dry clothes out and they’re STILL damp. I put the clothes in, shut the door, choose the programme and the red light flashes. I push the button, and push the button, and push the button and nothing happens. It’s infuriating. I won’t be buying Bosch again. Ive had a Miele dishwasher for 25 years and its NEVER gone wrong – yet! I have read the posts and emptied the water tank (*which I do after every dry) taken all the fluff out of catcher, hoovered down the holes, washed out the condenser bit … still rubbish. Buy Miele and have done with it

  9. i’ve had a classix 7 for several years now and its still driving me insane!! how the hell do you get your washing dry in this thing? even on the extra dry setting it still comes out at best mildly damp.totally unacceptable especially when trying to dry bedding, its currently p”ing down and i’ve no way of drying my bedding, i had no user manual with it when i bought it .totally crap.

  10. There is a filter latch bottom left open take filters out rinse and clean on the floor of latch there is a panel that comes up open panel clean out the space under panel this is where the pump is and is choked by lint most likely. Pour hot water and clean ever inch with your fingers don’t worry about adding too much water it will loosen up the sludge and the pump will pump it out

  11. Hi,
    My switch light flashing. When I press to start it makes beeping sound but will not start. Is anything blocked? manuals says saving energy mode?

  12. Hi all,
    I am pulling my hair out, I have the Bosch classic 7 and the drying cycle stops after about ten minutes and nothing is ever completely dry. I keep it clean and empty the condenser every time I use the dryer. All I want is to find which cycle I need to completely dry a small load of washing.

    Many thanks

  13. I absolutely hate this tumble dryer. I am totally frustrated by the lack of instructions. Clothes are coming out damp all the time. I’ve googled and YouTubed how to work it and to no avail. I will never again buy bosch.

  14. summer2019
    Had this tumble dryer for holiday home and obviously Bosch have completely ignored, over the last few years customers comments concerning the still inadequate instructions. Having used tumble dryers since my Mother’s Parnal late 1950s ,others make include Service, English Electri and Indesit I have never had confusion with any of these models. What ever has happened to ,on/off , a time clock, high/ low heat ? Sometimes the old ways are the best.

  15. Not happy with this dryer. Had 48 hours but cannot understand the instructions. I don’t know if it’s supposed to turn off after 10 minutes! Clothes aren’t drying. If I don’t get answers it’s going back!

  16. I wish I had seen this site before buying a couple of weeks ago. I have had a number of Bosch products before, washing machine and dishwasher and all have been fine. This is a disaster. As others have said above, it turns off, apparently finished but the clothes are still wet. Not even close to any form of dry. The manual is totally inadequate. No idea what the low heat is for because you can’t influence it. Don’t buy this product.

  17. Find this tumble dryer inadequete. The warm gentle heat advertised should read hardly any heat at all. Takes forever to dry clothes. Dryer switches off when clothes are dry only they are not. One star rating given to this dryer is very generous. Unless advice given to increase heat to dry clothes quicker, I would not recommend this appliance.

    1. Hi, I’ve had this problem today and it has taken me a good while to get it going again but I have and saved the expense of getting an engineer out. First of all, make sure the water tank is empty and if not empty it. Secondly and it’s worth doing this from time to time anyway, undo the panel and take out the condensing unit at the bottom left of the machine, take it into your kitchen and wash it out with warm water, do not use a knife or anything to get down the cracks, just use warm water and keep going, you can go both ways with the water don’t worry it’s waterproof, also clean out all the lint from the box that sits in front of the condensing unit. The third thing is to clean out the fluff or lint as it’s known in the main filter that sits inside the door at the bottom when you open it, it just pulls out, then gently open it up and remove the lint. Finally, give the dryer a good old fashioned clean-out, remove any lint from any of the compartments you can see, there are some little holes to the left and right of the main lint filter inside the machine and they can become blocked up so poke out all the lint gently from there as well. If all these things listed don’t work get back to me and I will give you some more tips but they are a little bit more challenging, so see if the above works first.

      1. Thank you for your very useful it possible to know how long each drying cycle takes for the different settings.
        I have just bought my first dryer which is in stored in the garage.

        It would help if I knew roughly the drying times so I am non go8ng in and out chevk8ng

        Thank you

      2. October 2020
        Thank you so much for the advice about cleaning Bosch Tumble Dryer as there was no instructions with machine i did not know why it keep coming up to “clean” and did not know how to it worked you are a life saver much obliged.

  18. My mother has just purchased a Bosch classic 7 and devastated at it.It has a mind of it’s own .It tells you when the clothes are dry when they are not..The instructions -useless

  19. Glad to see that I’m not the only one who can’t understand the instructions for using ‘low heat’ on this model. Bought it from John Lewis so I’m going to try to get help from them

  20. Is it too much to ask to know whether drying Cottons or Easy Care is hottest? I don’t want to shrink my clothes. Why can’t they mark it ‘Hot Cycle’ and ‘Warm Cycle’ with a note that Hot Cycle may shrink clothes.

    1. Hi, it sounds like you already know a hot cycle may shrink clothes. I don’t put my t-shirts in there on a hot cycle because I don’t want to shrink them. Sometimes I buy the next size up from my normal size to allow for shrinkage, especially over winter months when I know I’m going to be using the dryer more.

  21. Just like Marie (14th October, 2016), the door handle broke off after the warranty expired. I am no expert but the opening mechanism appears so flimsy and weak, one could easily come to the conclusion it is designed to break easily. Shame on Bosch which I have come to regard as a reputable company and manufacturer of durable and reliable products.

    1. What is the purpose of the low heat setting on a Bosch tumble dryer and how do you use it? The instructions supplied with the dryer is in adequate.

    2. Hi, sorry I don’t mean to sound patronizing but have you tried pressing the button that says low heat? it works on all the available options.

  22. The user manual is awful,come on Bosh.Manual is not user friend in any way. Awful muted colours and black, grey and white. The only bit that is readable and clear is in blue headings with black text on predominantly white , why is the rest not like this? Also want to know times of preset programmes. Not happy with this.

  23. Does any one know how to ‘switch off’ the energy saving mode. My unit will no longer work, the on off light flashes but will not start which the instructions sugeest is due to this feature being turned on!!!!¬

    Help !

      1. This is my third time trying today to dry som polo shirts and T shirts still damp , I feel like flinging it out !!, what a waste of money and time !!!, sorry I bought .

  24. Just purchased the wte84106gb tumble dryer.As “a first resort” I read the instructions.They should help the user get the best from their product,a view obviously not shared by Bosch.With just 2 push buttons & one control it should be easy to provide a simple step by step guide for operating the machine.They have failed miserably.
    A simple guide to writing instructions is to make them understandable to even the most non technical minded and not to assume that customers know as much about the product as you do.
    Please Bosch get your finger out and write instructions for your customers,so that they enjoy all the benefits of your product and are not frustrated by the experience or even worse left guessing
    how best to use the dryer

    1. I hope that you soon got used to your tumble dryer. I have this machine and it’s so simple to use, but, I shan’t be buying another. The door handle came off when the guarantee’d expired. This made the interior of the door stick. I couldn’t access the drum to get things in or out, and I’ve been stuck as to how to get things dry when the weather won’t permit line drying. When you wash for 4 busy people, this’s no joke.

    2. wow, I’ve just come here to find instructions as we seem to have lost outs – first thing I saw was your review, next I saw the instructions offered here as a PDF, wow were you right! I just want to know how to use the darned thing, we’ve had it for 2 years and it still takes an eternity to dry anything so I guess I’m not using it correctly/effectively/efficiently – well it might just have to put up with the way I use it if these instructions are anything to go by.
      What’s wrong with a button that just says “DRY”, what does extra dry, cupboard dry etc mean – okay so I can use common sense to answer that one myself, but to be honest I preferred my old one that just said “DRY”.

    3. I quite agree with comment above. The manual drawings do not even correspond to what exists in my machine. Bits of it seem to open up According to drawing, with no explanation as how to do this, so one doesn’t know if one is breaking it by persisting. Then behind the bit you are instructed to pull out and clean ( whether it opens or not) is a whole other section that can be pulled out and had dirty air vents on the front, but isn’t even mentioned in the manual at all. It has a metal container attached. What is this?
      When you look on the web you find mention of ‘secret flaps’ which are certainly not raised in the manual, but which may be the answer to any ‘clean’ problem.
      There is only one reason for not explaining all this properly….money. Bosch wants us to call out their engineers or better still buy a new machine. It is shameful.
      Re-draw and re-explain properly with clear instructions ALL the options on what you should do when ‘clean’ lights up. You can afford it. And I don’t even care if you can’t. You shouldn’t be selling things without proper manuals.

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