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WM14Y590GB Washing machine Siemens IQ 700 – user manual

Siemens WM16Y590GB

WM14Y590GB & WM16Y590GB iQ 700 Premium Washing Machine in a new, elegant design and with varioPerfect for flexibly saving time or energy.

Siemens WM16Y590GB
Siemens WM16Y590GB


Download user manual Siemens WM16Y590GB & WM14Y590GB in PDF format: WM16Y590GB-EN

General Properties

Product group: Washing machine

Brand: Siemens

Product name / Commercial code: WM16Y590GB

Internal article number: WM16Y590GB

EAN code: 4,242,003,637,685

Built-in / Free-standing: Free-standing

Loading type: Front

Door hinge: Left

Color / Material panel: White

Color / Material body: White

Connection Rating (W): 2300 W

Current (A): 13 A

Voltage (V): 220-240 V

Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz

Approval certificates: CE, VDE

Length electrical supply cord (m): 210.0 cm

Plug type: GB plug

Height of the product (mm): 850 mm

Dimensions of the product (mm): 850 x 600 x 590 mm

Net weight (kg): 82.000 kg

Gross weight (kg): 83.000 kg

Washing performance class: A

Spin drying performance class: A

Noise level washing (dB(A) re 1 pW): 49 dB (A)

Noise level spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW): 72 dB (A)

Spin speed options: Variable

Foam control: Yes

Water protection system: Aquastop

Cold wash option: Yes

Drying progress indicator: LCD-display

Digital countdown indicator: Yes

Start delay options: Continuous

Pre-wash: available

Quick wash: Yes

Door opening: Handle

Tub material: Plastic

Drum volume (l): 65 l

Drum material: Stainless steel

Hot & cold water intake: No

Programme end indication: Acoustic, LCD-display

Loading sensor: Yes

Height-adjustable by: 1.20 cm

Cottons programme: 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, Cold

Easy-care programme: 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, Cold

Depth with door open (90°): 108.00 cm

Detergent dispensing: From front, self cleaning

Rapid 15: GPM


  • Energy efficiency class: A+++
  • Capacity: 8 kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1600 rpm
    Remaining moisture: 47 %
  • A spin class
  • Energy consumption :189 kWh per year, based on 220 standard washing cycles
  • Energy consumption:standard 60 °C cotton programme 0.99 kwh full load and 0.81 kwh partial load and 40 °C cotton programme 0.69 kwh partial load
  • Cottons/coloreds 60+ecoPerfectCottons/coloureds ECO 60 and cottons/coloureds Eco 40 Cotton/color 40/60+ ecoPerfect are the standard washing programmes to which the information in the label relates. These programmes are suitable to clean normally soiled cotton laundry and are the most efficient programmes in terms of combined energy and water consumption.
  • Programme time:60 °C cotton programme 205 min at full load 170 min at partial load and 40 °C cotton programme 170 min partial load
  • Weighted power consumption off-mode / left-on mode: 0.05 W / 0.05 W
  • Water consumption 10500 litres per year, based on 220 standard washing cycles
  • Drum volume: 65 litres
  • Noise level washing : 49dB (A) re 1pW: Noise level spinning:72dB (A) re 1 pW


  • Touch control buttons: start/reload, temperature selection, spin speed selection, prewash option, ecoPerfect, speedPerfect, basic settings, rinse hold, less ironing, extra rinse and 24 hours time delay
  • Special programmes: down, easy care dark, shirts/blouses, rapid 15 minute quick wash , curtains, textile guard re-proofing programme, mixed fabric quick wash programme, handwash/wool, delicates/silk programme

Key features

  • EcoSilence drive with 10 year warranty
  • VarioPerfect: speed or energy efficiency with perfect wash performance every time
  • antiVibration Design – for more stability and quietness

Additional features

  • Jog dial with integrated on/off control
  • optiWave wash system with cascade – Gentle washing thanks to a unique drum structure
  • Time delay: 24 hours and time remaining indication
  • Reload facility
  • hydroSafe – 24 hour anti-leak protection
  • Self cleaning detergent dispenser
  • autoLoad Plus
  • Foam detection system
  • Magnet door lock
  • Electronic child safety package

Technical Information

  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 85 x 60 x 59 cm
  • Slide-under installation
  • Large chrome, white door with 180° opening and 32cm porthole opening

44 thoughts on “WM14Y590GB Washing machine Siemens IQ 700 – user manual”

    1. Childlock:
      To prevent the set functions of the washing machine from
      being accidentally changed, the childproof lock
      can be activated when the programme has started.
      Activate/deactivate: press
      >>Finish in<< BUTTON for approx. 5 seconds

    1. Childlock:
      To prevent the set functions of the washing machine from
      being accidentally changed, the childproof lock
      can be activated when the programme has started.
      Activate/deactivate: press
      >>Finish in<< BUTTON for approx. 5 seconds

  1. I have purchase this model, i.e IQ700 on 31/12/1012 from a dealer.Model No: WM12S648ME. It was commission after a week. Now,Power module is not working as per your technician. It fail to start & no indicators were glowing on 16/06/2015. It means this costly machine also as short life. Repairs are equally costly. In india, we can get domestic help at the rate of repairs for a year. Please comment. This machine is working in mumbai & as good power supply.

  2. The machine full of clothes over weight and I can’t open it..F.23 only appeared what should I do
    so I can open the door

  3. andrea Ýr Bragadóttir

    how do i reset the computer on a IQ 700 washing machine I always get a error code when i turn it on. E:23 and -00-

    1. Fault E23 is electrical problem with the drain pump.
      Error will be on drain pump relay on the control board, or drain pump has failed.

  4. Hi , My machine started beeping during a wash and it is telling me to clean the pump which I know is the drawer on bottom right hand side ! I have opened the door but cant twist the knob to release it is there a safety release ?

  5. I open the bottom and clean the pipe after seing the E23 flash. Still the machine Will not work.
    Just a beeping sound. What Will i do?

    1. Fault F 67 is a nonspecific glitch electronics appliance. Disconnect the machine per hour from electricity. If, after reconnecting the error persists, call customer service.

  6. My washing machine broke doen. No power. So no access to machine controls. How do I unload the unfinished wash? And how do I error detect? It just went dead out of the blue. Power plug all good.

    1. Snap, ours has just done exactly the same, absolutely nothing! Luckily ours had no water as i’d just put it on to do a spin so opening the door wasnt an issue. If you look to the bottom right of the machine you’ll see a little hatch – flip it down and you’ll see a red tab which pulling on will open the door.
      No idea whats caused it or how to fault find so i guess its going to be another costly call out.

      Hope you have it sorted now

  7. The door on our front loader is not opening. Have tried the little red tab at the bottom by pulling it to the right but no luck. Have also tried fishing line around the door to try to flick the latch, still no luck. Any other suggestions please?! I have a machine full of wet washing 🙁

  8. The washing machine is running fine – doing a 40 degree wash. But the display shows “i turn on type” and makes a ringing warning sound like a bell. Why does it do this when all seems to be working fine?

  9. The door didn’t open at the end of cycle. Any ideas what to do? I tried pulling on the red tab with a plier and ripped

  10. My machine just broke down mid wash. I drained it and opened the door using the flap at the bottom right but there is no power getting to the machine. I’ve checked the plug and fuse – all ok. but nothing happening on the machine.
    I see its happened to 2 others – was there a solution?

  11. my machine is not turning on, i just hear tow or three click voice when plugged the cable to electricity. control panel is not turning on.

  12. Machine does not seem to have water despite water supply on. What could the problem be as it commences the program but just stops?

  13. Hi
    I turned on washer and everything lite up. I wanted to adjust ‘speed Perfect’ but nothing happen so I turned the dial to off then on again nothing happened so I tried to push ‘speed Perfect again and at the point I heard an internal click and the machine had no power. At first I thought it was the power breaker but when I went to check they were all on. So I checked the power switch by plugging a new appliance in and it lite up so I then decided it must be internal.

    Question: Is there an internal safety switch or is there a reset process

  14. I Have Error E23 on Seimens IQ 700, Washing is full of washing…all filters have been cleaned. Cant get door open just beeps this error and no movement.
    I have turned off at power and unplugged.

    1. Hi, E23 means:

      Water in the base.
      Safety switch has detected water in the base.
      Please turn off the tap. Faults can only be eliminated by an experienced engineer. We recommend contacting customer service.

    1. Hi, fault E18 menans: Drainage hose blocked or kinked

      “Clean filters in the water supply hose. Attention: The leaking water may be very hot (risk of scalding). Set programme selector to . Pull out the mains plug. Check whether the drainage hose has been installed without kinks. Loosen hose clip on the siphon, carefully remove drainage hose (residual water). Clean drainage hose and siphon spigot. Hold drainage hose in a bucket and select the programme. Connect drainage hose to the siphon and check for leaks.”

    1. Hi, Nadim,
      it’s weird that the E20 fault code is reported by the washing machine, it’s a dishwasher error code:
      “The appliance reports an error with the rinsing circuit, which could be caused by a fault in the circulating pump. Call customer service and quote the relevant Siemens dishwasher error code.”

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