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F88060VI1P AEG Favorit Dishwasher Built-in

DISHWASHER AEG FAVORIT 88060 VI – F88060V11P (pnc 911437008/01)

Download F88060VI1P AEG Dishwasher (multi language)
user manual
in PDF format: F88060VI1P-multi-lang


Height (mm)818
Width (mm)596
Depth (mm)550
Net Weight44.5
Number of programmes8
Gross weight (kg)46.1
Noise Rating dB(A)41
Energy cons. annual (kWh) (2010/30/EC)290

3 thoughts on “F88060VI1P AEG Favorit Dishwasher Built-in”

  1. My machine has started showing 888Clean on the light display on the floor. I’ve unplugged it, cleaned it thoroughly, topped up the salt, but it still shows this display. Why?

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