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WAQ283S0GB Bosch VarioPerfect washing machine

Bosch Automatic washing machine WAQ283S0GB VarioPerfect


Download WAQ283S0GB Bosch user manual in PDF format: WAQ283S0GB-EN


Water saving technology to make a splash about. The Winning Line washing machine with intelligent ActiveWater technology uses the right amount of water for every load and never wasting a drop more.

Technical specs

General Properties
Product group Washing machine
Brand Bosch
Product name / Commercial code WAQ283S0GB
Internal article number WAQ283S0GB
EAN code 4,242,002,708,348
Built-in / Free-standing Free-standing
Removable top No
Loading type Front
Door hinge Left
Color / Material panel White
Color / Material body White
Connection Rating (W) 2300 W
Current (A) 10 A
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Approval certificates CE
Length electrical supply cord (m) 160.0 cm
Plug type GB plug
Height of the product (mm) 848 mm
Dimensions of the product (mm) 848 x 598 x 550 mm
Wheels No
Net weight (kg) 69.000 kg
Gross weight (kg) 70.000 kg
Washing performance class A
Spin drying performance class B
Noise level washing (dB(A) re 1 pW) 54 dB (A)
Noise level spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW) 76 dB (A)
Spin speed options Variable
Skip spin Yes
Wash optimization Drain, Easy iron, EcoPerfect, higher water level, jeans, quick wash/mixture, rapid 15 min, rinsing/spinning, SpeedPerfect, Spin speed reduction, Start / Reload, Time delay
Foam control Yes
Balance control Yes
Water protection system Multiple water protection
Cold wash option Yes
Drying progress indicator LED-display
Digital countdown indicator Yes
Start delay options Continuous
Pre-wash available
Quick wash Yes
Water plus Yes
Door opening Handle
Tub material Plastic
Drum volume (l) 58 l
Drum material Stainless steel
Hot & cold water intake No
Programme end indication Acoustic, LED-display
Loading sensor No
Porthole Yes
Electronic After-sales Service Yes
Height for building under 850.00 mm
Height-adjustable by 1.00 cm
Whites and coloureds programme 30°C, 40°C, 40°C Prewash, 60°C, 90°C
Easy-care programme 30°C, 40°C
Turbidity sensor No
Depth with door open (90°) 101.80 cm
Detergent dispensing From front, self cleaning
Appl depth incl wall distance 55 cm
Temperature selection Programme selector
Hand wash Yes
Hot & cold water intake No
Energy information -20%

220 thoughts on “WAQ283S0GB Bosch VarioPerfect washing machine”

  1. How do I remove the child lock? Currently have a key symbol flashing when I try to turn it – have pressed all buttons but nothing happens…..

    1. I have just found the same thing, if you hold down the start button it will remove the child lock, didn’t even know it had one, good to know for the future!

      1. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Was nearly crying when the washing machine wouldn’t go on this morning and kept flashing CL. Could not find anything in instructions. Have had such a stressful week and this nearly broke me!! Who knew it had a child lock! So relieved!

        1. I have just seen a comment on line I cannot get my Bosch Vario Perfect to work as it keeps flashing CL. It appears it is a childs lock how do I take this off??

          many thanks

          1. Ben Smith you are a star. I was beside myself thought the machine was broken thank goodness for the internet
            Gaynor from Wales

          2. You save my day this morning as this happened to me found this straightaway had the machine years no idea it had a child lock

      2. Thank you so much, so simple when you know how. Automatically thought it meant door not closed properly, who would have though child lock, certainly not me. Thank you again and now being able to get on with my many wash loads. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      3. Thank you – have just had the same problem! went on line and found from Bosch web site that child lock the problem but told to look in manual fro solution which of course is not there! about to phone a repairer when found this site – thank you so very much!

      4. It works now with this method of press down the start button for 5 sec. The machine does not drain and the key was flashing, after I drain the water through the drain hole at the base of the machine and press the button, I heard a click. Thanks

    2. Thanks so much. My grandson was getting a bit hot under the collar. Told him to look on line. The internet is a wonderful tool for problem solving

    3. What does the flashing warning “E-18” mean please! This appeared mid wash and I can’t get the machine to respond to anything I press.

    4. Cannot switch my washing machine on it has a child lock how do i unlock,currently have a key symbol flashing when turned on ,and is stuck on speed perfect

      1. Cannot switch my washing machine on it has a child lock how do i unlock currently have a key symbol flashing when turned on, and is stuck on speed perfect ,please reply thank you


        My Vario Pefect Bosch washing machine is flashing a warning “E-18” and I cannont open door. I have washing in the machine, what can I do to get this right.
        Marguerite Nimmo

  2. Thanks for the CL code advice – I turned the dial to 60 degrees and held down the start button and hey presto code cancelled and machine working again!

    1. was desperately hunting for information as to why my machine kept flashing cl, thank you Nixon for the info, it worked!

    1. According to other forums you turn the dial to rinse/spin and dis-engage the “aqua plus” button and it spins only. I am trying to do a pre-wash only if possible??? I have a 40o C + prewash on my dial but wondered if I could do a prewash on its own.

      1. Thank you Pamela, I have been trying to do just a spin only and ended up washing a rinsing ever time I tried something, I was trying to rinse bathroom rugs that were new and needed to get all the fluff off of them in a first wash, I think they may have drowned by now. Once again thanks for help

      2. Thank you, I have read the manual from cover to cover. So simple when you know how, I don’t know why they didn’t put it in the manual. Spin only is very useful

      3. Hi Pamela

        You have helped a lot of people with your GENIUS way of just getting a spin without the wash! I’ve only had the flaming thing for more than 6 years and just assumed is was a dumb design. !!!


    2. How do I get rid of the foul smell from my Bosch Vario Perfect washing machine. I have cleaned the door rubber and put white vinegar and bbread soda at a 90 degree wash, cleaned the front filter but the smell is still there. Any suggestions please.

      1. Do several 90 degree washes with a scoop of bio powder, 1/4 scoop of borax substitute, and a scoop of Oxy Plus.
        The bio powder contains bleach elements.
        The borax is deep cleaning and the Oxy Plus makes the whole thing work at a premium as it puts oxygen and stain removing elements.

        Don’t use liquid washing liquids, or softener. Both contain animal fats that cling to the outer drum and pipes and you end up with rotting animal odours, because that’s what you put in!

        I used conditioners for years, I read about conditioners having animal fats so ceased using conditioners. I used white vinegar instead for a month before the washer began to overflow at the waste pipe.
        I had a feeling it would happen, as the washer was gleaming bright inside. No more black hold in drawer and drum sparkled.

        The vinegar, along with 2 monthly service 90 washes had softened the slime on my drain pipe, which is long with shallow fall… which caused the black gunk to block the fast flow. We rinsed pipe back from drain and there was a fish if putrid black water came thru. And you wonder why washer smells!

        A month after that, using vinegar rinsed and just liquid persil, the washer began covering washing with black slimy blobs, terrible to see.
        4 x 90degree washes with biological powder, borax and oxy, with the usual vinegar rinse each time, and the black slime finally stopped. It was the last of the residue coating the pump, sump, and outer drum!

        It had never been so bad with my previous washers, as i always used powder cleaners previously, along with service 90 washes.

        The problem started when i changed to liquid persil, (but all liquid washing products are same,)because my son in law has eczema badly on his legs, powders affect his skin so now I used non bio powder and double rinse with vinegar.

        It’s crazy the stuff manufacturers do to products.. would you ever think to put a slab of rotting animal fat in the drum with your clothes, and not expect problems down the line…

        All the advertising they push out about the amazing fresh smell of the products!!!
        Fact is without heavy chemical perfumes your washing actually smells like your machine when it reeks

  3. Help, how do I disable the annoying alarm that sounds at the end of the wash programme and doesn’t stop until you switch off machine?

      1. Hi, on the internet i found:

        “You turn the programme selector to off then turn it one programme to the right, press the rpm button and keep it pressed while turning one more programme to the right, release them both and a number should be displayed on screen I think volume 2 is the default one. You then click the “ready in” button until desired volume is reached. You have a chioce of zero through to four. After volume is set turn programme selector to off position.”

  4. I have selected programme , pressed speed perfect then pressed start ……..all I get then is a double bleep and machine won’t start , any ideas

  5. The Varioperfect washing machine I have will not work, there is a fault code of CL, what does this m,ean and can I fix it or do I need an engineer. Help please

    1. I’ve just had the same thing. It’s child Lock. Press and hold the start button and it will clear it. So, I now know how to take the child lock off, but how do I put it on, as my boy keeps pressing with the buttons, hence why I didn’t know how to get the child lock off. Thank you

      1. I have the same problem but my 10 month old actually did it for me!!! It seems pressing and holding the start button put tons the child lock on as well and the repeat to take it off…. Thank god for kids hey!!!

  6. i have a Bosch vario perfect less than a year old, how do I deodorise as it has mold on the rubber ring and smells awful any suggestions would be welcome!!

    1. Doors to washing machines should ALWAYS be left open until fully dry. This prevents the mould from starting in the first place.

      As to getting rid of it, it just sounds like some hard work is needed.

  7. How can I get it to spin only – instead of rinse/spin. I don’t like this machine – can’t wait for it to go wrong beyond repair!!!

  8. Can’t start the washer – child lock is not on (as far as I can tell) – the start button keeps flashing and you can’t select any other buttons. Tried reclosing door, unplugging, usual things, just can’t get it going. This is the most frustrating washing machine- I’ve only ever got it working twice.
    Any suggestions?

  9. I will have had my Vario Perfect for two years this coming May/June. I have noticed in the last few months that when spinning (on any cycle) it has become incredibly loud. Has anyone else noticed this with their Vario? The washing comes out perfectly it is just a lot louder than when I first purchased it (unbearable if you are in the kitchen where it is kept). It is still under guarantee as I purchased it from John Lewis but they said they will charge a call out if they find nothing wrong with it. Any comments would be appreciated – thank you.

  10. I cannot figure out how to get a quick wash on my Exxcel Varioperfect. I start the wash on ‘Mixed Load’, reduce the temp to 30 degrees and press Speed Perfect and then, even though it says the wash will take 48 mins, it somehow defaults into a much longer wash! How can I get the fastest cycle? Pleeeease help, its driving me mad because I have three sporty boys and mountains of laundry!!!
    Have to say I absolutely LOVE the bleeping sound when the wash has finished cos I find if I take the washed clothes out immediately it reduces my ironing load!
    The manual is useless and I have tried a lot (!) of combinations.
    All advice welcome and thank you in advance.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Margaret, did you ever solve the issue of increased cycle time fom mixed load wash? I have a new Varioperfect machine which adds an half an hour to the mixed load wash, which should take 48mins on speed or 1hour as normal. It seems to count down the wash cycle fine until 11 minutes remaining but when the cycle transitions from wash to rinse, the timer changes to 46 minutes remaining. Very frustrating when you have mountains of laundry to get through. Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

  11. Please can anyone tell me what the 40 and 60 degree programmes with an arrow next to them on the dial do? The manual is hopeless! Doesn’t mention these anywhere! Thanks!

    1. This is explained quite clearly on the supplementary sheet that gives an overview of the programmes. It says that in regard to the arrows, these programmes “are suitable for cleaning normally soiled cotton fabrics and are the most efficient with respect to combined energy and water consumption”. You have to select ‘Eco Perfect’ to initiate them. This also means that these programmes are very long in duration!

      1. Thank you! I have been wondering about these arrows. Will try the 40C on a delay timer overnight as it’s such a long cycle anyway. See how the clothes come out in the morning

  12. Can you please let me know why my machine at all spin speeds makes a very loud noise and moves across the floor.
    The vibration from the drum is such that the whole machine moves. Have tried to level and stabilise the machine but still it moves when spinning.

    Please advise solution.


  13. My Bosch classics is getting stuck in the cycle and taking double the time to finish. it seems to be repeating the cycle.can anyone help please.

    1. Did you find a solution to this. My Bosch is driving me nuts with washing so long on a simple cycle of what should take 1hr approx.

  14. I use liquid fabric softener in the section next to the detergent in the drawer.
    When I close the drawer I can see all the softener immediately drip down the glass into the washing machine. It isn’t held there until the final rinse. Is this a design fault?

    1. I have the same problem, and its a new machine. I’m trying to solve this before i get an engineer out from the shop we bought it from. Judging by this forum, this machine is way too complicated!

    2. You are using too much fabric conditioner – it must be below the blue bar at the back of the draw – and close the door gently so it does not create a wave that could start the siphonic action

  15. My Bosch varioPerfect is flashing CL on and off and no matter where I turn knob for whatever washing instruciton I give it it still flashes CL in the indicator area? Please what do I do? Machine is not one year old yet.

    1. CL mean Child lock – push button (play/pause) Start/Reload for approx. 5 seconds after the start/end of the programme.

  16. We’ve got brand new Bosch washing machine and it vibrates extremely – all cupboards & glasses, mugs, etc are shaking too; and its very, very noisy. It’s perfectly levelled, we even put an anti-vibration mat underneath. Any ideas what’s wrong or how we can fix this, as it’s unbearable and we have complaints from our neighbours as well (the lady upstairs said that everything in her kitchen is shaking too!).

  17. I want to stop a wash mid cycle, when I switch the machine back on, it starts again from the begining, is this right

    1. Hello, E18 indicates a time out draining.

      Check drain pump filter
      Check drain pump for blockage or restriction
      Check drain hose for blockage or constipation
      Check drain pump operation
      Check drain pump wiring

  18. Hi
    My Bosch varioperfect is showing error code vpd or upd
    Can someone help me by giving me a clue how I can fix it
    I believe it can be fix if I reset it but I don’t know how to reset
    Any small help will be a lot for me

  19. Hi I can’t get my vario to spin properly. Each time I was towels they are left soaking, even if I only have one in the machine. I then try to drain, and then put it on 1400 without the aqua plus feature and they are still dripping wet. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks

    1. I am experiencing exactly the same problem and it is so annoying. I have tried with and without the Aqua Plus button on or off and it makes no difference. Please can someone help with this very irritating fault?

  20. Hi, I have a Varioperfect washer My load finished BUT, I touched a knob or button and the door won’t open! Any remedies please! Thanks in anticipation A

  21. I have just received my verioperfect but was rather surprised at the long washing time (1:30) for the usual easy care 30 degree programme when my previous “classics” machine was only 42 minutes. I try to change the time using the “ready in” button but this only allows changes in hours. How can I alter the minutes and get back to my 42 minutes.

  22. I have tried to remove the pump cover on my varioperfect. Does it require a strong pull after screwing it loose. Afraid to put much more effort int removing unscrewed cap.

  23. I haven’t had any problems with my Varioperfect until now. I am doing a 40 degree wash and when it finishes the wash light is flashing and the washing is really wet. Keep having to do a spin at the end. Does anyone know how to fix this please?

  24. My Bosch Varioperfect has worked fine for a few years but now during the rinse cycle the water is pushed through the detergent and pre-wash compartments rather than the fabric conditioner compartment. Therefore no conditioner is getting into the wash. I have cleaned the drawer and the water inlet holes in the roof of the compartment but it has made no difference. Any ideas?

  25. Have a excel 8 when at 60 wash on speed perfect time shown is1.07 when it starts it goes to1.00 and all lights go out after a while lights come back on goes back to start time and does this every time does not go beyond 1.00 any ideas please

    1. Same happening to me. My wash endsup getting three washes. Have to do rinse and spin wash. Sorry I bought it. E18 keeps coming up and I have to turn the machine off and restart wash. This can happen 2 to 3 times.

  26. Have also got new Bosch Wendy. Turn dial to rinse/spin. Select spin speed and Turn off Aqua plus – just tried it myself as all my washing was still wet! All now ready for the tumbler! Am now trying to work out how to put child lock on as my grandson is a nightmare and keeps pressing the buttons!!!!!

  27. Hi, can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my machine please…. A dotted circle symbol keeps flashing and now it won’t work

  28. Hi, I have the Bosch Varioperfect washing machine and when it gets to 1 min the timer increases by 10 mins, then when it finally gets back to 1 min again, it never stops the program.

  29. I have a new washing maschine and was very hard to understand this day more details about.

    I want to try to spin for 1 minute but is starts working, but does not rotate washing drum. And we have the same problem with vibration and noise when spin on other programm.

    Please help because is important for me.

    Thanks in advance

  30. Is there a code to open the door on washing machine whilst error f21 is on ,I am aware that I need to replace the bushes but cant open the door ?

  31. My washing will not finish standard cycle (Aqua Plus 1200 spin), displaying E 18, could anyone help to resolve this problem please. On first ocassion I managed to open machine and remove section of load and re set programme with out success.

  32. Hi All’ purchased a Bosch “vario perfect” washing machine a couple of days ago, only to find that each time it is used on the 90 degree wash it leaks from the draw and runs down the front of the machine, asked shop about it, who said “dont use it on 90!!” usefull eh! It seems to be the effect of steam from the wash coming out of a poorly designed drawer, they want £95 to come out if they find no fault, anybody else had/having the same problem?

    Many Thanks

    1. A flashing wash light indicaters too much foam is detected – either reduce the ammount of detergent to the level reccomended by the manufacturer, ensure you are using an automatic washing machine detergent or possibly which happened to me putting stain remover in with the detergent causes it. Worse case the foam can start coming out the draw !

  33. Got this new vario perfect Bosch washer, 5 times its left the washing soaking wet and hasn’t spun, keep putting it back on a wash. Only, for same thing to happen again, any answers. (might be faulty) ??

  34. When Ive used the mixed load setting on my varioperfect recently somewhere through the cycle the aquaplus setting comes on automatically. It’s in the garage so unless I stand over it I can’t see when this is happening. But it only happens on this setting. Very frustrating as everything left sopping went and then need to run the rinse and spin setting. Any ideas?

  35. On the wool cycle, water enters the drum and then the machine stops working but doesn’t display any error codes. What am I doing wrong? Also when I have got it working in the past it does not spin properly but the clothes are literally dripping wet. Any thoughts please.

  36. After i moved the machine wont work properly. When i select any of the standard washing programs, the bosch maxx 7 doesnt take any water so the laundry gets wet. But i can hear tje sound of water going into the machine. After 5-10 minutes, the symbols Start, 1200 (rpm) and Rinse flashes and it keeps beeping. Please help me, what can i do? Ive checked everything that is in the manual…

  37. I have followed manual instructions to stop beeping noise on my vario perfect Bosch washing machine but it doesn’t work , any ideas ?

  38. I have a vario perfect Bosch serie 8 machine , this display seems stuck it is indciating 40 1400 -0- on the display and just beeps if i try and change the programme which seems stuck on mixed fabrics will not do anything . I have tried turning on an off at the plug but nothing ? any ideas

  39. Today after 8 months we found out how to spin without rinsing. The machine is fine, it is the manual that is hopeless. It is a general manual, very intent on safety, not specific to this machine. There is a small sheet with very poor notes and errors about this machine. Bosch should at once produce useful machine-specific manuals as they used to do.

  40. My Bosch Vario Washing Machine (WAQ283S0GB) door has become loose. It appears a special tool may be required to tighten the fixings on the plastic inner trim pieces of the door close to the hinge. Any advice you may be able to offer to fix the problem would be welcome.

  41. Thank you, thank you! I was so disappointed to find my new machine didn’t do “spin only”. Now I know how to programme it thanks to your forum. The manual is rubbish and better than useless, thank goodness for sensible, well informed people who sort out the problems

  42. Hi
    Got a Bosch logixx 8 Sensitive with our new house. However every time we wash, the clothes are cold when the wash has finished no matter what temperature we washed on. On our old machine the clothes were always warm, especially on the 90 degrees program. Is this because of a faulty heater or does the machine somehow cool down the laundry

  43. I have just purchased a BOSCH WAQ284D0GB, can anyone tell me how to do a cotton type wash for about an hour or less using a 1400 spin speed, the manuel is driving me nuts. Thanks.

  44. Why does the wash light flash at times on 40deg when it is on spin my machine is a varioperfect waq283s/gb

  45. Has anybody had problems with the Bosch vario-perfect smelling. I’ve run off the water through the small pipe near the filter and checked the filter. I even tilted it to makw sure. I’ve also run it empty at 90 degrees. And checked under and behind the machine. But the smell returns. Any suggestions please?

    1. Clean the detergent dispenser.
      Make one washing cycle: clean water with one liter of vinegar and the smell will be gone.

    2. I had this awful gutter smell from the drum. It appears that there is hard scale problem. ,powder tray, filter and around rubber seal. He used Bosch powerful descaler and 90% wash. The smell has not gone yet entirely. But will carry on. Also advised Not to use excess powder

  46. Hi there, i just put a new load of washing in my varioperfect and my little came and pressed the start button twice…..or rather it peeped twice, i’m not sure how long she held it down. Now when i press start, it just peeps twice…..any advice please? oh it doesn’t say CL or a key or any kind of coed, it just stays on 1:00

  47. I have a Bosch Vario washing machine. I put my washing on a 59 minute wash at 40 degrees but by the time it gets to between 25 -30mins to go it changes and goes back up to 45 mins. I does this with nearly every wash I do. no matter what temperature or cycle.

  48. hi there
    a”0″ keeps appearing on the screen. Everything else seems to be workind, I can choose the programmes etc but when I hit the start button the “0” appears. Any ideas. sheila

  49. My bosch machine is stuck on mixed fabrics and us flashing drum clean but won’t allow me to do anything please help

  50. Hi I have a Bosch vario, when cycle is just about finished it reverts back to the start again. I have checked all filters got service man check it and he replaced two boards but problem still exists . Any ideas ??? Feeling frustrated.

  51. Please advise what the symbol for cold water washing is on the VarioPerfect. I had thought it was the star symbol, but now think that is super hot 90C.

    Thank you

  52. Reading the comments posted for the past two years it seems if it is a common problem that the machine runs for hours when only suppose to perform a 30-60 min cycle. I have the same frustrating problem but could not get any solution from the comments above. Considering to get rid of it and rather buying something else.

  53. Hi everyone
    Anyone know how to disable the bleeping noise on the Bosch varioperfect WAW….GB?
    Had it less than a week and want to take the axe to it! ?
    Thanks everyone

  54. Having dyed a load of garments, I happily sloshed bleach into detergent drawer AND the drum of my Bosch Varioperfect! Foam everywhere and the wash light flashing madly, indicating too much detergent. Anyone know if its possible to shut off existing program in mid cycle and just drain the machine? The fault is totally mine; the machine has been brilliant….so far!

  55. My bosche classic washing machine was stopped before the spin had finished, the spin lights are now flashing and it will
    Not start. Help?!

    1. Hi Li – I am having the same problem as you. Mine was stopped yesterday and nothing I do seems to stop all the spin lights flashing. The stop/start button is also not illuminated. I have left it unplugged overnight thinking it might rectify itself but no joy. Have you managed to get your machine working again?

  56. Have had a Bosch varioperfect for three years now and have always been very disappointed wit the quality of the wash-the whites are just not as clean as they should be or have been with cheaper machines in the past. Any ideas?

  57. I’m very thankful to this forum for clearing up a problem we had with our Bosch Vario Perfect washing machine we had the CL problem but it’s sorted out now..
    I don’t like the soap draw being full of water after every wash i hate keep having to empty the draw surely that’s not right why don’t it empty properly.
    I also have a nasty smell from the washing machine when working my husband has pulled the machine out checked the pipes are clean checked all the filters nothing there where is this smell coming from..

  58. Hi I have’t got a manual fro bosch maxx6 varioperfect. Can anyone tell me how to select 15 minute cycle. I have 15’/30; option together and I can’t select the 15′. It automatically goes to 30′. Thanx

  59. Just encountered the ‘CL’ problem. Thank you to all those people who told us how to resolve the problem and to inform us what CL actually stands for. Now I would like to know, ‘How the heck did I put it on in the first place?’ I’d already done two loads this morning….

  60. First time using VarioPerfect, driven mad!! Why does the machine keep stopping and flashing yes, then no and beeping – from the manual it looks like I’ve pressed pause to try and add more laundry – but I’m pressing nothing! I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the sensor buttons on the front, I haven’t been able to select or de-select any of the settings – and when I press the start button to try and resume the wash, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes after the 3rd of 4th attempt it re-starts – starting to wonder if it will ever get to the end of the cycle!! Any suggestions please?

  61. Complete rubbish. After 8 months the drum bearings went, but at least a new drum was fitted under warranty. 6 months after that the weights on the drum came lose, again fixed under warranty. Now at just under 3 years old it looks like the drain pump has packed in, although the manual is completely useless so who knows. My first and last Bosch appliance, overpriced rubbish.

  62. Hi
    Is there any way I can override the standard settings for the machine? For example I want to do a quick wash at 1400rpm at the hottest setting which I think I about 60 degrees. However that particular setting only goes up to 40 degrees with a 1200 rpm

  63. My machine is jumping, banging and travelling in the spin cycle it then refuses to empty the water so the washing comes out soaked . very frustrating . Is anyone else having this problem ?

  64. Hi I have’t got a manual for bosch Serie 4 varioperfect. Can anyone tell me how to select 15 minute cycle. I have 15’/30; option together and I can’t select the 15′. It automatically goes to 30′. Thanx

  65. I have used the spin/rinse setting to Spin only by disengaging the Aqua plus button. On a Spin speed of 400rpm it took 13 minutes of spinning. I am wanting to use this setting for dedicates so surely this can’t be right?
    I have never had a washing machine that didn’t Spin only. Any suggestions welcome.

  66. How do you get a Vario Perfect to return to the program it was just on when either knocked by accident or on purpose by a determined toddler (who knows how to turn the child lock off ) and keeps on interfering with the dial? This has happened frustratingly often and as soon as you turn the dial it resets the program and you have to start again… Why do Bosch make the Childlock so difficult for adults ( I find it takes at least 20 seconds ) but somehow easy for little fingers to operate… You can also knock the Aqua Plus button midcycle which means the laundry comes out the machine dripping wet, I wish I could disable this feature as I can’t imagine any circumstance when this would be useful to me.

    1. This happened to us- luckily I sorted it before my partner took to it with a hammer!
      I just pushed 2 buttons at the same time and held them until it stopped. Seemed to work. Good luck.

  67. Am getting an error code of E34 on my machine every time I try to start a new programme. It’s only a year old! Any ideas?? Thanks

  68. following 6 tries at rinse and spin and pushing aqua plus switch to turn off that feature leaving a 1200 spin signal.
    We have achieved an approximately 80rpm. contents remain soaking wet.

    I think this is a fault.

    did I read above that John Lewis do not consider this to be their liability

  69. when I use the super quick wash the water doesnt heat up even though i turn the dial to 40 degrees! does anyone have this problem?

  70. My padlock symbol is on and I cannot open the door! Please can someone tell me how to get this sign off and the door open. Thank you

  71. i have a bosch varioperfect washing machine. the start buton keeps flashing but theres nothing on the screen. Any ideas?

  72. My variomatic is displaying various fault codes and will not start a wash. I replaced the door switch as this was the first code but it made no difference. Could it be the pcb?

  73. Bosch VarioPerfect Series 4 – finished program say END on led but door wont open as the small red key is lit….
    Any ideas how to open the door’??? thanks

  74. Just got my Bosch Varioperfect washing machine and on the rinse cycle the draining pipe overflowed onto the floor as it couldn’t take the rush of water from the machine. I didn’t have this problem with my previous Bosch. Any ideas please?

  75. When turning on, there is a slight delay before the lights indicating time appeares. Then when I press the start button it just beeps twice. Nothing more. Ane ideas?

  76. How can I get instruction manual for my Bosch vario perfect washing machine model WAQ284S0GB
    Have emailed Bosch on loads of occasions but they NEVER reply can anyone help, please

  77. I cannot get the door open on my Variomatic Serie 4. I have tried pressing and holding the start button as advised above, but this does not work. Has anyone found an alternative solution?

  78. if you seen E to the screenonitor and keep msking no8se , and it won’t be open , what i have to do ? i try to on off and on.but not working.

  79. my machine will not complete a spin cycle. it gets to the last 3 minutes then goes to zero without the last fast speed cycle being activated. Does anyone know what i can do to rectify this?

  80. I have an Exxcel Varioperfect washing machine. Is there any way to do a prewash on its own on the cotton programme so I can prewash the dog towels, then add other towels to the load?

  81. My machine wont work…. CL keeps appearing on the display screen…I cant find my manual to know what to do. Please help!!!!

  82. I have a Cairo perfect series 4 I have put a cotton wash on but I wanted to do a pre wash but couldn’t find the button to do this. Do you know if this series does a pre wash

  83. We have a bosch varioperfect washing machine. Just recently when trying to set the cotton wash to 90 degrees the machine comes up with a 4 hour delayed wash sign. I have been washing cottons in this way for a while. Why has the machine just started to play up?

  84. I have just purchased a new Bosch various perfect when it comes spinning mode the machine bvibrates and shakes. Due to bad weather am unable to contact suppliers. Any ideas.

  85. My Bosch Vario drive Door dome broke as a result of something that fell into it. I got a new door – but t there is strange looking screws on it – how c an i take it off

  86. Hi,
    My washing machine fills with water even when it’s off, leak into drum seems to be coming from top, any ideas?

  87. Hi. the key symbol is showing on the screen of my Bosch Varioperfect and the machine won’t start. Anyone got any idea of how to fix it? Thanks

    1. Hi Linda, you have active child lock on your washing machine. Push and hold Start button for few second. Child lock will switch off.

  88. 7 years I’ve had this machine & CL came on for first time. Never knew it had a child lock. Thanks for posting the advice

  89. Could anyone please tell me how to open the door of the machine midway through a wash? i’d be hugely grateful. there is something in there that i need to remove! the machine is presently on stop. i cannot find where on the net advice / guidance on how to stop it completely so i can open the door. many many thanks – jamie

  90. our bosch machine will not go pass the wash indicator on the program flow indicator .we had the E18 show checked all the filters now the diosplay does not show anuything.

  91. Although we’ve had this machine for nearly five years, we’ve never had a problem. Now the spin cycle does not work. Is there a cleaner place that needs unblocking ?

  92. A padlock symbol has appeared on the screen and the door won’t open. It’s not the child lock.
    Any ideas please?!

  93. Help with washing machine. Fills with water but drum won’t spin, clicking like it wants to but doesn’t amd the timer goes down etc. We have replaced the brushes and the belt is fine. Any suggestions would be helpful 🙂

    1. Have you checked the filter is clear behind the flap at the bottom of the machine on the front drain the water through the pipe then unscrew there may be something start stopping it from spinning hence your machine will not spin

  94. My door hinge needs replacing.
    Have a new hinge. Problem is
    how to remove plate on back of
    door, it has plastic fittings 10 off
    instead of screws? Please can you help.

  95. I have read all the information above on removing child lock from my Bosch varioperfect machine but still not removing cl. What can I try mow

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