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Filter Set 3000 Art. 7911

GARDENA Filter Set 3000

Download user manual in PDF format: Filter-Set-3000


Do not allow the pump to run without water:
Do not allow the pump to run without water because dry-running leads to an undesirable build up of heat and will destroy the pump.

The water throughput quantity for the filter and therefore the height of the fountain can be set to any desired level.
The more water flowing through the filter, the less flows through the fountain and vice versa.

Technical Data Art. No. 7911
Rated power: 7.5 W
Flow: 720 l /h
Max. delivery head: 1.1 m
Max. submersion depth: 1.0 m
Power cable: 10 m H05 RNF
Fitting G 1/2
Max. media temperature: 35 °C
Mains voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz
Noise level LWA: 48 dB (A)



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