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Home beer draft system – Philips


PerfectDraft HD3720/25

Fresh, cold draught beer at home

Now you can start to enjoy a glass of fresh cold draft beer at home with this Philips beer tap unit HD3720/25

Home beer draft system
Home beer draft system

Download  PerfectDraft HD3720/25 user guide in PDF format: PerfectDraft-beer-Philips

LCD display with temperature, volume and freshness indication

The temperature indicator shows you when your beer is at the ideal drinking temperature of 3°C. The volume level indicator shows you how much beer is left in the keg. The beer freshness indicator shows you how long your beer will remain fresh.

Hygienic installation, tube delivered with each new keg

All parts touching beer are renewed with every new keg, ensuring a hygienic experience and high-quality beer. The Philips tap unit requires only surface cleaning.

Removable dishwasher proof drip tray

Technical Specifications

  • Weight and dimensions

    Product dimensions incl handle and drip tray (W x H x D)
    261 x 444 x 494 mm
    8160 g
  • Beer kegs (not included)

    6 L
    Dimensions (H x Diameter)
    273 x 199 mm
    Weight empty
    1200 g
    Weight full
    7200 g
  • Finishing

    Black with chrome and real metal accents.
  • Technical data

    200–240 V
    Flow rate
    2 l/min
    50/60 Hz
    Max. power
    70 W
    Max. operating pressure
    1.5 bar
  • Logistic data

    CTV code
    8823 720 25011
  • Design specifications

    Cooling time at room temperature (23°C)
    Between 12-15 hour(s)
    Max. operating temperature
    32 °C
PerfectDraft by Philips
PerfectDraft by Philips
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