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L61470WDBI AEG LAVAMAT washer dryer – user manual

Fully Integrated washer dryer with a 1400 rpm spin, for a complete wash to dry solution – AEG L61470WDBI



 Download AEG L61470WDBI user manual in PDF format: L61470WDBI-EN


Perfect washing and drying results – even for big loads

This built-in washer-dryer has a high-capacity drum. As a result, you can launder even large loads with excellent washing and perfect drying results. Read more

A built-in washer-dryer with high capacity and a low profile

This new, built-in washer-dryer can wash up to 7kg of clothes and dry up to 4kg, and it will fit seamlessly and unobtrusively into any kitchen. Read more

LCD display

Provides clear feedback on the programmes and options selected

Washing capacity: 7 kg


Drying capacity: 4 kg


1400 RPM spin speed


Cotton programmes

Includes cotton economy, cotton & prewash, and cotton drying

Synthetic programmes

Includes synthetic wash and synthetic drying

Delicate programmes

Includes delicate wash and delicate rinses

Wool plus programme

The only wool programme in the market with a cool down at the end of the wash phase preventing chill-shock when the cold rinse begins, ensuring shrinkage is minimised.

Easy iron programme

By keeping your wash load moving and using a cool down phase with cold water, this programme protects delicate and synthetic fabrics from developing permanent creases.

Protect yourself fully against water damage and leaks

With this washer dryer, you can protect yourself against water damage. Its Aqua-Control system stops the water from escaping and alerts you of the situation. Read more

A super-fast spin cycle that cuts down drying time

With a super-fast top spin speed of 1400rpm, this washing machine’s spin cycle is highly efficient, saving time in the tumble dryer. Read more

Drying time option


Delay start option


Stain action option

The stain option allows you to use stain remover in the pre-wash compartment of the detergent drawer, it is then added at the correct stage of the wash cycle.

Daily/Super quick option

Reduces programme time, ideal for lightly soiled clothes

Sensitive option

Designed specifically for people who are extra sensitive to dust and pollen. Works on cotton and synthetic programmes where fabric is gently moved around and has an extra rinse option so particles are rinsed out effectively.

Aqua control and alarm

Aqua Control is an internal system which monitors the water level to detect leakage.

Automatic child safety

Keypads can be locked to ensure temperatures and programme selections cannot be changed – making certain your laundry is always safe.

B class energy efficiency


A class wash performance


Energy class B
Wash Energy Rating A
Load Capacity kg (Wash) 7
Height (mm) 820
Width (mm) 596
Depth (mm) 544
Voltage 230-240
Net Weight 68.4
Colour White

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  1. Where does the steam from the dryer exit the machine we have no condenser drawer or hose like a normal dryer, so where does the excess water go when drying clothes?

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