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Washing machine AEG L62370FL

AEG L62370FL

User Manual Washing Machine AEG L 62370 FL

AEG L62370FL

AEG L62370FL


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AEG L 62370 FL:  L62370FL

The ProTex washing machine is super gentle and protects against overwashing, helping to extend the life of your clothes.


Load Capacity kg (Wash)7
Height (mm)850
Width (mm)600
Depth (mm)522
Net Weight71.42
Maximum spin speed (rpm)1400
Energy classA *
Wash Energy RatingA
Spin efficiencyB
Water consumption |52

5 thoughts on “Washing machine AEG L62370FL”

    1. Hi, handbook says: Fault E13 – Water leaks.
      Drain hose improperly positioned; Water pressure too low; Fill valve is defective; Water
      circuit on pressure switch is leaking or blocked; Pressure switch faulty.
      Cycle is paused with door locked Start

    1. Washing machine displays error message E91. It indicates configuration / communication problems with the electronic parts.
      Resolution: Reset the appliance. Remove the plug from the socket, wait 30 seconds and then plug it in again.

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