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9000 aquasensor Art. 1783

GARDENA Submersible Pump 9000

Download user manual in PDF format: 9000-aquasensor

Liquids which can be handled by the GARDENA Pump are the following: clean and contaminated water (max. particle size submersible pumps = 5 mm / dirty water pumps = 30 mm), swimming pool water (prerequisite is the recommended dosage of additives) and soapy water. So that the pump turns off safely when pumping waste water from washing machines, the off sensor
must be at least 10 mm from the floor.

The pumps are fully submersible (waterproof sealed) and can be immersed in the liquid down to a depth of 8 m.

Thermal protection switch
The pump is automatically switched off on overheating by the built-in thermal motor protector. After having cooled down, the motor automatically switches on again.

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