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Balcony/Terrace Pond BTP 600/BTP 800 Art. 7784/Art. 7785

GARDENA Balcony/Terrace Pond BTP 600/BTP 800

Installation and Operation:

  • Press two coach springs on each side of the pond mould into the slots as well as into the pond bases.

Step 2

  • Assemble the pond bases so that they form a hexagon or octagon.
  • Push the aluminium tubes vertically into the corners of the bottom part of the pond. Push the centre prop into the pond mould from the bottom.

Step 3

  • Setting up the pond outdoors If you set up the Balcony /Terrace Pond outdoors, you can use a hose-pipe to drain the planting shelf.

Download user manual in PDF format: BTP-600

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