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Siemens washing machine IQ300 varioPerfect WM12Q390GB

WM12Q390GB Front loading automatic washing machine Siemens IQ300 varioPerfect

Download Siemens washing machine WM12Q390GB user manual in PDF format: WM12Q390GB-EN


  • Energy efficiency class: A+++
  • Capacity: 8 kg
  • Maximum spin speed: 1200 rpm
    remaining moisture: 58 %
  • B spin class
  • Energy consumption :179 kWh per year, based on 220 standard washing cycles
  • Energy consumption:standard 60 °C cotton programme 0.82 kwh full load and 0.8 kwh partial load and 40 °C cotton programme 0.71 kwh partial load
  • Cottons/coloreds 60+ecoPerfectCottons/coloureds ECO 60 and cottons/coloureds Eco 40 Cotton/color 40/60+ ecoPerfect are the standard washing programmes to which the information in the label relates. These programmes are suitable to clean normally soiled cotton laundry and are the most efficient programmes in terms of combined energy and water consumption.
  • Programme time:60 °C cotton programme 196 min at full load 191 min at partial load and 40 °C cotton programme 186 min partial load
  • Weighted power consumption off-mode / left-on mode: 0.1 W / 1.49 W
  • Water consumption 8700 litres per year, based on 220 standard washing cycles
  • Drum volume: 58 litres
  • Noise level washing : 54dB (A) re 1pW: Noise level spinning:76dB (A) re 1 pW


  • Fully electronic control dial for wash programmes, temperature and special progammmes
  • Special programmes: rapid 15 minute quick wash , textile guard re-proofing programme, mixed fabric quick wash programme,delicates/silk programme
  • Touch control buttons: start/reload, less ironing, extra rinse, ecoPerfect, speedPerfect, spin speed selection

Key features

  • varioPerfect:speed or energy efficiency with perfect wash performance every time
  • antiVibration Design – for more stability and quietness

Additional features

  • Display for programme progress indication,time remaining and 24 hours time delay
  • Aquatronic wash system
  • Flow-through sensor for optimum water use
  • waveDrum
  • autoLoad
  • Reload facility
  • Detergent over dosage display
  • End of cycle buzzer
  • Foam detection system
  • Electronic child safety package
  • Multiple water protection
  • Self cleaning detergent dispenser
  • Metal door catch

Technical Information

  • Dimensions (H X W X D): 84.8 x 59.8 x 55 cm
  • Slide-under installation
  • Large silver-white door with 165° opening and 32cm porthole opening

244 thoughts on “Siemens washing machine IQ300 varioPerfect WM12Q390GB”

  1. I am using Siemens vario 1q300 washing machine and it keeps restarting ..technician has visited but no error. cleaned the panel from inside and checked in detail. says its controller module has malfunctioned. can anyone help out?

  2. Hi

    I have a Siemens iq300 7kg front loader washing machine. How I set the machine to 15 min rapid wash. I have the 30 min wash cycle on the dial.


  3. I300 machine just completely stopped. No light on and door jammed. Any idea as to the reason. Had been perfectly ok then just jammed

  4. The washing machine is on eco perfect mode by mistake..and does not start.
    How do I disable this option and have the machine working again ?

  5. Hi everybody
    my washing Machin 1q 300 is stuck with an error of E-17 many times I cleaned it. every time i start the Machin there is the same massage in screen E-17. what can i do? and what is problem?
    is there any body help me.

  6. Hey..I use siemens iq300 but it has no digital screen….when its washing often I just get a buzzer sound n gets paused….I have to give it a start again…could anyone help me to solve my issue?

  7. My Siemens IQ300 is having a problem dispensing the fabric softener, the fabric softener compartment is always full at the end of the cycle (some additional water in it). I have tried clearing the water inlet hose and cleaning the soap dispenser tray. Any other ideas for me to check please?

  8. The machine finished the program ( 30 C ) blinking the key and the adding water together , cant open the door , what to do ?

  9. my IQ300 doesn’t rinse properly..clothes are still very wet..I’ve checked pump outlet and clear inside opening..what next to do..??

  10. I have a seimens iq300 washing machine. Its gives Error Code 17 on every 8 Min. If i start 30 min cycle its take dubble time to finish cycle. how could i fix this issue , any simple trouble shooting method instead calling repair man

  11. I have iq300 7 kg siemen washing. i am electrical breaker triping when its run more than 7 minutes
    also washing machine became very hot . we change the knob to all the tabs still same same issue
    can you pls advice the good suggesttion

  12. Hi my Siemens iQ300 is beeping and displaying -0- with the lock button flashing although door still opens. How can I fix it?

  13. I have a seimens iq300 washing machine, all numbers and alphabets is flashing and i am not able to start or running nothing , how could i fix this issue , any simple trouble shooting method instead calling repair man

  14. Anyone know why my machine won’t start – it’s displaying the door symbol but has clothes in the drum and the door is closed.
    No error message but 10 00 keeps flashing up after the cycle time, and when I press the start button nothing happens!

    1. Anyone know why my machine won’t start – it’s displaying the door symbol but has clothes in the drum and the door is closed.
      No error message but 10 00 keeps flashing up after the cycle time, and when I press the start button nothing happens!


  16. Hi. I have an iQ300 washing Machine and every time it washes and the cycle is complete, inside the tray, the middle part, for the softner, is filled with water and softner. I have washed it a zillion times and no solution. Can someone help out! Thanks

  17. Our Siemens washing machine ( WM12Q391GB ) has stopped working, if you set a programme and press the start button it just beeps twice then nothing happens?

  18. Our Siemens WM12Q391GB Washing machine wont start, when you set a program and then press the start button the button makes 2 rapid beeps then nothing happens?

  19. Machine leaking water will not allow cycle to operate. Door image showing on display and beeping if try to start cycle. Pressed other buttons which then shows F17?

  20. The machine just went dead mid-cycle. No error message, no power light, the door is locked. There seems to be no problem with the electricity source.

    What should I do? I have tried unplugging and replugging, but no change.

    1. Hi, fault F21 Siemens washing machine means failure of the engine, likely to be worn carbon brushes, it is necessary to call a repairman.

  21. Hi
    I have an IQ 300 washing machine which is squeaking on high speed spins. Just in case it might be relevant I replaced the door seal a month or so ago due to a cut in the rubber.
    Any ideas on the squeaking?

  22. Hi, I have a Siemans IQ500 washer-drier. After two successful loads today I started a third and the machine just stopped. I turned it off and back on and reset programme. It starts for a couple of seconds and then just stops with the display showing normally. Checked outlet etc. There is no error code showing. Bit stumped – anyone any ideas please. Thank you

    1. Hi, hoping you can identify what problem I have on my Siemens washing machine …washing machine refuses to wash & is flashing F37 ,thanks

  23. Siemens Iq700 Fabric Softener not being taken out. I tried to clean the compartment but no softener at all is coming out .

    1. I recommend removing the entire magazine conditioner from the machine and clean it thoroughly. The drawer is pulled out and pushed down, then can be removed.

  24. I have an iq300. Been trying to open the filter cap to do a drain and clean but the cap just keeps rotating and not opening… and solutions? Many thanks

  25. A few minutes before the washing cycle ended on cottons 60 degrees, the machine shut off. No power and I had to manually open door lock on bottom. Checked the fuse and the plug, both are OK. Any ideas what to check next?

  26. I have a siemens vario perfect 1300.
    I had it on a 40 wash and it has not finished cycle.
    there was a symbol of what looked like a bath with a cloud above, or bubbles.
    it wont empty or finish cycle.
    tried to empty on button but no luck
    can anyone help

  27. Can you please help my Siemens wash machine I select the setting and I want to start but it’s beeping 2 times and the lock comes on flashing it’s not starting at all please I need help asap thank you

  28. My machine has started displaying error e16. If I switch machine off and rotate drum, it then starts. Is there anything I can do to stop the error message

  29. When powering the machine we have an errror message ‘E00’ and nothing happen. How to fix this problem. Pls help. Thanks

  30. How do I turn off the bloody beep at the end of a cycle?? My iq300 doesn’t have the intensive stain button mentioned in previous answers so at a loss…..

  31. what does it mean when two flashing dashes shown in LED display and am unable to get door to release. had machine (iq300) on 60 cycle, now won’t release, no error code just flashing dashes ( – – ) despite trying empty cycle and switching off at mains.

  32. Hi,

    i have no errors but every time i try to start my iq300 machine it beeps twice and doesn’t start,
    when i moved the it to have a look at the back connections the start\pause suddenly blinked again and i could start it.
    the same issue reoccurs all the time – any idea what could be wrong?

  33. Please I have an iq300 washing machine which gives error f43, I changed the carbon brushes well, it did not work and still showed f43, I replaced with the same working motor and it gives error f43, please what I do or what do you think the problem will be?,

  34. My washing machine always gets a beep sound it will struck in any one program .start button won’t work what is the problem plz reply?

  35. bonjour, Ma machine siemens iQ 300 C’est bloquée à 44 minutes pendant le programme maintenant impossible d’ouvrir le Hublot et quand je tourne le bouton sur un des programmes un code erreur F26 s’affiche .. est ce que quelqu’un pourrait me dire de quoi il s’agit, et si ça nécessite de contacter un professionnel pour la réparer ??
    Merci par avance,

  36. Hello,

    My wife tried washing the blanket in the machine (do not know why), the cycle started with water but it did not rotate. I guess it is an overload. But could any one help me diagnose this ? As now if I try to run it empty the cycle starts but the drum does not rotate. Also there are no errors on the screen.

  37. I have a Siemens iQ500 washing machine bought in May 2015. In the past two weeks it has suddenly started to have problems with rinsing. Especially when draining the water for the first time after washing cycle. It seems there is too much water when it starts the first spinning while draining the first time after washing. The drum is just “hitting” the water and the machine does not get the water out, resulting in foaming. I have not used excessive amounts of detergent – actually I once washed with only water and same happened (no foam of course in this case). Water comes out well when just filling the machine with water and then draining. But when spinning & draining there is this problem. I have opened some hoses my self and checked that there is nothing in the hoses blocking the water. Maybe it is not getting the drum in balance well enough – broken shock absorbers or broken sensing of unbalance??? Any hints before I call for the service (I still have the guarantee)?

  38. I cannot open the dooor of the machine after a cycle – it displays an error message of E:61. Any idea what this means please?

  39. I am not convinced my washing machine is heating the water. I have put in on a few 90 washes and opened during the cycle at at the end and the drum is cold. There is no code showing. How or what do I do please and thanks

  40. This forum is awesome. I’ve spent the last two days worrying about my machine being broken and all I had to do was to push a button and it started working again!



  41. F57 and we can’t get the door open!! Tried all methods suggested including fishing line!! Checked the motherboard – no burn outs! Motor looks as new despite the machine being 6 years old. Continuity and resistance check all ok? Living in Cyprus and can’t seem to locate a Siemans engineer. HELP !!! ?

    1. Hi, Fault F57 is a communication error so between the electronics module and another part.
      The only advice how to repair this defect itself is to unplug all the connectors clean and dry them.

  42. how do you stop or over ride the intensive dry button ? my towel smells totally “cooked” after 1 hour and i want to take it out before the programme of 2 hrs 39 mins is finished. i have pressed various buttons and now it has reset to start all over again – my towel will be burnt to a cinder not to mention the waste and cost of electricity. i have tried turning it off at the mains and waiting 3 minutes but this did not work. I don’t think it is a child lock problem – (no CL message) and i do not appear to have a temp button although i do have an option button but this just runs through the spin cycle speeds. please help asap. i have lost the instruction manual.

  43. The fabric softener is not going into my wash, this section of the drawer remains full after every wash………… Why why why?????????????/

  44. F18 Siemens but can’t open the drain door to clean out pump-only twists 80* anti-clockwise. Stuck. Any help really appreciated. Thanks

    1. Take one wrench, one strong person (husband in my case) and a fair amount of brute force= open door! Lots of twisted hair emerged. Thanks, Wendy

    1. You can change the volume of the buzzer according to your requirement.

      The operation procedure:

      A. Switch on the machine,turn the program selector to Off .

      B. Turn the program selector to cold Easy-care, press the additional function button Intensive stains and don t loose, you can hear the volume of the buzzer from minimum to maximum to off cycled. If you decide the volume that you wanted, loose your finger.

      C. Finally,turn the program selector to Off . If necessary,select other programs by turning
      the program selector after several seconds.

      D. If the volume of buzzer has been opened,you can hear the audible feedback as same volume as buzzer when you press Start button. If be not opened,you can t hear the voice.The operation may check if the volume of buzzer has been opened.

      1. The IQ300 doesn’t have a function button called ‘Intensive stains’. I have tried all the other function buttons, none work.

        If anyone has a version that works for the IQ300, please post, would be deeply appreciative.

        1. Snap to the comment about the IQ300 beeping issue. One of the few things I stipulated when we bought the machine was that it musn’t make a beeping sound at the end of the cycle – grrrr.

  45. Siemens Iq300 will not drain and shows F18 Fault.
    Cleared the filter which was clogged and would not turn.
    Tried the rotate backwards and fwds to loosen etc but no joy so had to remove pipework etc..

    This was done by taking off the top black hose (one with circlip) from under the drum and reaching into remove hair grips which then allowed the filter dial to turn. The pump was cleaned out and for a double check I undertook a full removal of the discharge hose (mainly because of the smell as I thought I had cured the issue with the hair grips etc) which was cleaned by putting a hose pipe through it in the garden with water going through it to clean the pipe. Nothing found as a blockage on outboard side of pump. Put back together and went toghether very well with easy to remove clips etc and locating lugs etc. Then when re-installed Put a bucket of water into the drum and closed the door. Could see this was above the drum bottom level. Turned the washing machine to empty cycle and start – Pump started but level did not go down. Drained off again via black pipe bleed pipe and the when emptied via this method I started the cycle again with the filter out (no water inside) and could see the fan rotating in the cycle and tried to hold this back with a rag and still had lots of torque etc indicating the motor is OK.

    Totally lost now – Siemens helpline advises reset the system with start pb depressed for 3 seconds which is OK but the machine is doing what it should in terms of starting the pump for a cycle and then going to zero on the dial. The issue is water is not going out of the exit pipework and I cannot understand why.. if there was a sensor problem etc I would expect the pump not start or not to stop etc but the cycle performs its operation and the stops.F18 is not alarm that comes up when on empty cycle it only does it on the normal cycles ie If we put a load in washes and spins but then goes out in F18.

    any ideas as I don’t want to shell out £90 for an engineer to do 2 mins work and all main devices seem to work.

    1. I have the same problem. Found some sand in the pump. cleared it but it still does not work. Noticed that there is water leaking inside the pump. Is this normal or should I seal it?

  46. Hey! Have a problem with our washing machine Siemens iq300 wash&dry. Every time we want to wash our clothes in takes about 4-5 hours. On the screen it says 00:01h left (so 1 min) and it starts showing it when ideally there should be 1min left before it finishes. However this 1 minute lasts for additional 3-4 hours. What should we do?

    1. Hi, this is a common fault with Siemens washing machines, unfortunately I can not cope? Anyone have experience with repairing?

  47. I have a problem with my iq300 i feel always the water for washing and flashing are not enough, always the clothes still stain with the poweder soap after finish and even its can i solve that issue? Note its like that since new

  48. my siemens IQ100 manual stopped while running in between, no lights flashing total off, pls suggest still water is inside machine

  49. my siemens E 10-46 is showing f 16 fault, what i have to do? its showing key symbol blincking. ply reply at earliest

  50. hi

    i have a error 80? i started a 15m wash and somewhere when draining in the end… error e:80 was displayed

    thx in advance

    1. Hi,
      E80 is a general code relating to the recirculation pump. Either the pump or wiring has failed, or the computer thinks it isn’t there.

      1. Hi,
        I get also the error E:80.
        This happens at the end of any program when the draining is finished. The machine doesn’t unlock the door and the error is displayed. If I turn the main button to off and then go to any program, the error still appear. If I pull on the manual rescuing door unlocker, I can open the door and start any program (which will fail finally at the end)
        I’ve completely removed the pump, emptied the filter, the incoming and outgoing water pipes.
        I’m wondering if it’s the door locker or the main card that has to be replaced.
        Thanks in advance for your help.

  51. Siemens IQ300 tumble dryer will not work because the “Door” indicator light is permanently stuck on and won’t go off even when door is securely shut?

    1. E06 = Drain error detected

      Check drain pump filter
      Check drain pump for blockage or restriction
      Check outlet hose for blockage or obstruction
      Check drain pump operation
      Check drain pump wiring

  52. Siemens IQ 300 Washing machine, the drum has started making a rough grinding noise when spinning during the wash cycle, it is especially noisy when doing the spin cycle ( sounds like its no longer running on bearings ) ? . When you spin the drum by hand it does not make the usual free wheeling ‘whirring’ noise but makes this heavy grinding noise, any clues as to what the fault may be ?

    1. i also had that problem that machine starts scalding and grinding during spin or rinse cycle the representative of siemens came and fix that problem….and problem was that the coin was stuck in the bottom of drum so he removed it…its now working perfect may b its the same reason of your machine…u just have to be very careful that no pins coins and any kind of metal thing in pockets…makesure u before adding clothes….

  53. I Have a problem with the alarm at the end of a wash. I Would really like to disable it. Is it possible to permanently terminate this annoying feature?

    1. Faulty – Error code 60, is problem with mainboard communication, the problem may be a bad connector terminal. I recommend to disconnect the connector and clean.

  54. Hi,
    I have a thumble dryer Siemens IQ 700 and appears the alarm “empty water tank” which stops the dryer, but there is no water or small qty of water in upper collecting tank.
    I have opened, clean and test run – water level sensor and check water pump – looks everything ok.
    Looks that dryer is working when I have it open but at first cycle when machine is closed (all covers in place) again appears the alarm.
    Please give me some more ideas what I should check.
    Many thanks!

  55. hope you can help. I have a siemens IQ700 washing machine and error code f67 came up. I have drained and cleared a coin from the pump but the error code remains and I can’t get it reset-so machine won’t start-it only beeps and flashes the same error code. Have tried turning on and off at mains and didn’t work. Thanks for helping.

    1. Error F 67 is a nonspecific glitch electronics appliance. Disconnect the machine per hour from electricity. If, after reconnecting the error persists, call customer service.

    1. Fault E3 is an engine failure. Electronics are trying to spin the drum, but for some reason does not rotate. Can You spin the drum by hand? If yes, Call a technician.

  56. Hi my machine display f18 . I have drained it and cleaned the drain pump. But it still comes up and won’t spin. Advice please .

  57. Washing with the “wool” option doesn’t work for me. It starts, then stops after a few minutes, and the timer just goes down slowly. How do I fix this?

    1. Hi, Fault E5 detected in motor or drive circuit.

      This error code can be generated by no tacho reading from the motor (the electronics cannot see the tach generator of the motor), a triac fault or short circuit or a faulty reversing relay on the control board. The washing machine will try to start the motor but after several attempts the program will be aborted with this error code which is again consider to be a “fatal error”

  58. To set the machine to just spin, turn the dial to “rinse/spin” and press the “extra rinse” button off, next to the “start” button. It explains this in a list of functions towards the back of the wee booklet manual.

  59. Hi

    The washing machine has a code flashing f 43 this was after a power cut and tripped everything off it hasn’t worked since . Could anyone help

    Many thanks


  60. I just got at new IQ300 delivered and after removing the shipping stabilizers, I plugged it in and nothing! No energy at all, no display, no nothing. Did I miss something or is this simply a defective machine?

  61. what is an F29 error? It comes up as soon as I put cycle to start. I press the start button a second time and the warning stops.

  62. last few weeks washing machine gets stuck on washing cycle with clock showing 1 min left remaining unless I press “speed perfect” at the start or only use the 15min rapid cycle. All other cycles it gets stuck even if I go out and come back a few hours later it is still on and stays washing with 1 min left on clock unless I switch it off and change to one of the above 2 cycles?
    I have been using the machine since April 2013.

          1. Hi Marmen,

            No error codes. the machine waits for the expiration of 1 minute.

            but just works just fine in “super 15′ mode” (same as Liu experienced)

            1. Hi all,
              I can not trace a solution to this problem in the service manual.
              Repairman recommends checking water level sensor.

            2. Hi Marmen,

              A repairman – checked the machine.

              He says the machine doesn’t stop intake of water, this is a problem with the board (as the water pump works fine).

              Your repairman guessed it right about the water level sensor.

              Can this be replaced?


            3. I have had this “1 minute” problem intermittently for several weeks / months and have used ‘speedPerfect’ setting to overcome issue. It’s being fixed under warranty and the service guy has been and indicated possible fault with Heating Element. Explanation: if Washing Machine fails to heat water then it gets to end of the wash cycle (with 1 minute to go) but is not allowed to finish because temperature does not satisfy selected wash programme. I’m not convinced as the thermostat is more likely to exhibit an intermittent problem than heating element. I will update when repair is completed hopefully next week. Best regards

          2. Hi all. See previous comments …
            Machine now functioning perfectly after visit from diligent Siemens / Bosch Service Technician. Intermittent fault due to fault in wire connector in Heating Element circuit. As previously comment – lack of heat caused ‘1 minute’ issue.
            Best regards

      1. F is not Error code.

        E18 indicates a draining failure.
        Can be clogged filter, or a fault on the pump.

        E28 is Turbidity sensor fault
        We would strongly advice seeking an engineer for this fault as well as it is often not easy to understand or diagnose issues with turbidity sensors.

            1. E18 means: Drainage hose blocked or kinked

              “Clean filters in the water supply hose. Attention: The leaking water may be very hot (risk of scalding). Set programme selector to . Pull out the mains plug. Check whether the drainage hose has been installed without kinks. Loosen hose clip on the siphon, carefully remove drainage hose (residual water). Clean drainage hose and siphon spigot. Hold drainage hose in a bucket and select the programme. Connect drainage hose to the siphon and check for leaks.”

        1. Thank you! Thought I had just broken my mum’s washing machine, on mine I pushed the start/reload button and it cleared the CL….phew!

        2. Thank’s to you i can Wash my laundry again, i was beginning to worry if the Washing machine is broken. I’ve pressed the start button for a while and that fixed my problem. Thank you! :))

        3. Hi,
          When completing wash cycle machine not go into full spin as clothes are still very wet when removed…
          Is it that I’m using wrong settings..?
          Siemens Various iq 300 machine

        1. Sir, I have Siemens IQ300 model but my machine error come e21 machine not working not open what is problem

          1. Hi, The manufacturer does not report the error E21, but I found the answer here:
            error E21 can indicate a fault with the motor or the main control board. Try erasing the stored codes first, in case it’s a spurious fault, as follows:

            1. Turn the knob to off.
            2. Turn the knob to the 6 o’clock position.
            3. Wait 2 seconds.
            4. The start/pause should begin flashing.
            5. Press and hold the spin button.
            6. Turn the knob to 7 o’clock position.
            7. Wait 2 seconds.
            8. Release the button.
            9. Turn the knob to off.

            This should erase the error code and get the machine running again. You might need to try it more than once to achieve a reset. If the start button doesn’t flash, just carry on trying to erase the codes.

        1. Hi, fault E18 means: Drainage hose blocked or kinked

          Clean filters in the water supply hose. Attention: The leaking water may be very hot (risk of scalding). Set programme selector to . Pull out the mains plug. Check whether the drainage hose has been installed without kinks. Loosen hose clip on the siphon, carefully remove drainage hose (residual water). Clean drainage hose and siphon spigot. Hold drainage hose in a bucket and select the programme. Connect drainage hose to the siphon and check for leaks.

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